So tonight after work I came home to get the starter out of the car and took it back to Autozone, fortunately the lifetime warranty was honored! Though I did have to run off to the Autozone Hub to get the replacement starter. The guy at the hub was kind of lost, but he eventually got everything worked out and I headed home with the new (remanufactured) starter. So the last starter started off working, but after a few days just started spinning without engaging the flywheel, no grinding either.
So last night after work I came home with the intention of trying to figure out why the car wouldn’t start. My intentions were to check the positioning of the 36-1 wheel for the VR sensor that drives the Megasquirt/EDIS setup. After checking the positioning of the sensor I was going to do a compression check on the motor. Well I threw those intentions out of the window, I wanted to see if after charging the battery the night before things would be better as the changes from the night before wer
So tonight I came home from work and decided it was time to work on the Datsun a bit, after over a week of barely even looking at it when walking in and out of the garage to and fro. Terec came over and helped me out for a bit as well. The first thing I checked was to see what the starter looked like, I was worried based on the noises that I’ve been hearing that the newly installed starter was bad. Well I pulled it out, it looked fine, as did the flywheel itself, so there went that theory. I pu
Well it did run for about 10 seconds on Saturday, then I redid the wire for the VR sensor and created some problems. So I redid the wiring tonight, and went to start it. Then the starter did this.... It quit engaging so I pulled it out and it fell apart as I was lifting it out of the car. Fortunately this cheap POS is under a lifetime warranty from Autozone, so they are ordering the part in, I’ll pick it up when I get back home from the lake trip this weekend. Hopefully I will attempt to start
Working on the car today. Rewired the VR sensor and installed the radiator. Worked on front air dam, and put the exhaust on. Tried to start it, need to rewire the VR sensor again :( Flash Not Installed No luck getting the car running today, will get some supplies this week and prolly attempt again on Wednesday.
So today we had a garage sale, nothing that resides in the garage was actually sold, but we did sell a lot of stuff that we wanted to get rid of before the move. Post sale the 240Z got some love. Here's the timeline, without times. Attempt to start the car as is, no dice, turns over but won't fire. Remove the VR sensor, rewire it the opposite way. Nothing, no signal, looks like the EDIS doesn't see it at all anymore. Remove VR sensor plug, replace with a different plug, from the box of EDIS sup
So I spoke with my Megasquirt Guru last week a few times, and again this weekend, and even had him show up in my driveway to help wrench on the car today! So yesterday I got up and checked to see if the 36-1 wheel for the Megasquirt (using Ford EDIS) was correctly mounted, meaning, should the mounting have changed due to moving from the 1983 motor, to the 1978 motor. I removed the radiator in order to get to the front of the motor, draining it out was probably a good idea. We had put water in l
I spent the morning with Dave and Terec helping to finish buttoning up items on the 240Z so we could attempt to start it today. We were successful in getting to the point of attempting to start it, though we weren't successful in actually getting it started, there's an issue or two that I need to track down. Likely issues with timing and firing for the Megasquirt. Because the last time I had the car running was back in August 2007 I've now got a new laptop and don't have it configured for the M

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