So one question you might have in regards to is: why would the world need another autocross website?

Well, at one point in time SOLO2.ORG was THE place to go to get information about our sport. I have multiple magazines that published articles about Autocross and made reference to what was then SOLO2.ORG. Hell, I found them all as I went through things as we pack for our move to Colorado (

I want that again, I want to have THE website where people go for information about Autocross. So why not just reuse SOLO2.ORG? Well, for one thing, the software on the site was hurting, ever since the switch to that software in 2006 or 2007 the site has slowly died. People quit using it, content went away, and references to the site stopped happening.

What's the real cause of this decline, besides the crappy software? Well mostly it is my fault, way back when I got into working on, that was a larger site, a much broader audience, and I got sucked into running and working on the site. It was never my own, but I did pretty much have full control over things there.

Earlier this year as I was writing my book ( I decided that I could no longer put any time into SCCAForums, it pained me that I had spent so much time working on that site which ultimately led to the demise of my beloved SOLO2.ORG.

Well, as of today I no longer have administrator rights on It isn't hosted on my webserver anymore, and I am pretty much free from those chains. That's not to knock SCCAForums, the site has a very large audience, but I never got into road racing like I had hoped, so I would rather dedicate my time to a website about a sport I love, autocross, so I decided to convert SOLO2.ORG to a new (old) software platform, and utilize a new domain name. I say new/old software platform because SOLO2.ORG used to run on DotNetNuke powering the website and UBB Forums powering the forum application. Well now DotNetNuke and the ActiveForums module power the whole thing. came to mind a few months back, I actually couldn't figure out why I liked the name, but I thought it really stuck. Well, shortly after purchasing the domain names my buddy Dave Whitworth pointed out that Andy (my former codriver) Hohl's email address was a form of [email protected], so I guess that you can blame all of this on Andy!

So here we are. I'm without an autocross car, getting ready to move to Colorado and I decided to spend hours upon hours building a new website. I don't expect the site to take off quickly, SOLO2.ORG sure as hell didn't To be honest SOLO2.ORG started out as the Racing Forums, which then turned into, and then SOLO2.ORG.

What's to come? Well, I have a designer buddy working on a new logo for, with the direction for him being that the logo must make a good vinyl decal. If all goes well I hope to have some decals ready to go by the end of this week!

I've got a lot more features and items to add to the site over the next few months. I hope you stick around and see what is to come. Feel free to provide me with some feedback as the site continues to grow.

-Chris Hammond (