Welcome to the new SOLO2.ORG! This site has been around for almost 16 years now, with different names, iterations, and states of dormancy.

Today, we're bringing the site back. If you joined the site in the past 3-4 years, you'll need to create an account again, we've scrapped that old software in favor of bringing back all of our "history" from 2001 to 2011 when the site really had some traffic and discussions.

You can retrieve your lost usernames, if you have any questions let us know!

I spent some time this evening implementing a new feature here on SOLO2.ORG. You can now reply to the news posted on the homepage with Comments via your Facebook profiles!
The domain name, SOLO2.ORG was purchased ten years ago today. February 4, 2001, it was a day that will live in infamy, or something like that. Thank you to all who have participated in this web site over the years. I hope that over the next few months as the 2011 Autocross Season starts up the site will get a new lease on life. I'll be posting here in the forums on a daily basis, even if that means i'm just talking to myself. Welcome back and thanks for visiting the site!
We're coming up on our 10 year anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than to bring the site back from the dead! A little bit of history first. This website started out at the Christoc.com Racing Forums way back in 2000, then slowly progressed into Pylon.CC, and then on February 4th 2001 it became SOLO2.ORG. Over the years the site has had it's ups and downs, being documented as one of the top autocross websites in a variety of magazines, including Motor Trend and RACER. Unfortunately ove
So I made more site changes over the past couple of days. Here's a few of the things changed. Fixed the URL format, urls are now shorter, and should be far better for SEO Added the new logo created by Anthony Overkamp New skin/theme for the site, cleaned up and enhanced for the new logo! What's next? Now that I have the skin done and the new logo I need to get a couple graphics up and then send out an email announcing the site, hopefully generating some decent traffic. It's time to get posting
So one question you might have in regards to PylonPilots.com is: why would the world need another autocross website? Well, at one point in time SOLO2.ORG was THE place to go to get information about our sport. I have multiple magazines that published articles about Autocross and made reference to what was then SOLO2.ORG. Hell, I found them all as I went through things as we pack for our move to Colorado ( http://www.going2colorado.com ) I want that again, I want to have THE website where people
So ever since the conversion last week I've been trying to track down a "sql timeout" issue that kept creeping up. I installed some new software (updated version of DotNetNuke) tonight that I hope will correct the issue.
With the success last night I decided I had to work on the car this evening a bit. The first thing I did was get it up on all four jack stands so that they were under the frame and not under control arms of the car. This would allow me to begin working on the suspension pieces. When I got the car from Jeff, uhhh over three years ago now, it came with a second suspension that had been pulled off another car. This other suspension has springs (yellow), new(er) struts, a larger front sway bar, and

Welcome to the Ultimate Autocross Website

The place to find all the latest and greatest autocross information. SOLO2.ORG is back and better than ever. It's been almost 16 years since we first started (2/4/2001), and 2017 will be our best year yet!.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on in to the forums and get posting! You can use the same SOLO2.ORG account that you always have to Login, otherwise you can register and create a new account

Stay tuned for the 2017 Autocross season!


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What happened to PylonPilots.com?

So perhaps you just tried to go to PylonPilots.com and you ended up here? What the heck just happened? Check out this forum post talking about the changes. And stay tuned for a new Logo and Decal for your ride!

If you have any questions about Solo2.org please feel free to email us. [email protected]