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Last Post 10/30/2009 2:55 PM by  krek
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10/02/2009 10:48 PM

    Yes! It's unfortunately true… it's another series for $500 race cars! It's ChumpCar!

    Welcome to the ChumpCar World Series.  ChumpCar is North America’s newest Enduro road racing series for down-home, grassroots race teams. Put your back-yard engineering marvel on the track and run real endurance races – up to 24 hours – on some of the finest racetracks and road courses across the country. May the best team win… and would everyone else please stop laughing!



    What’s this all about?

    Do I have to be a licensed race driver to enter?

    Should I have my head examined?

    Is ChumpCar competing with the 24 Hours of LeMons?

    What are the similarities between the 2 series? What’s different?

    What tracks is the ChumpCar World Series running at?

    Okay, how do I enter and how do I make sure I get accepted?

    Where do I find a $500 race car?

    What else do I need?

    Is there prize money or are we running for some stupid trophy?

    Why in the world is ChumpCar doing this?


    What’s this all about?

    It’s all about having fun and bringing road racing back to where it was 50-years ago. No, it’s not

    about racing 50-year old cars… it’s about reducing the cost of racing and making it available to

    everyone while maximizing safety. It’s about racing a $500 car and making it last for 24 hours.

    That takes effort… that requires some planning… that means your knuckles are going to get

    scraped-up a little. It’s about creating and being a part of a motorsports “happening” – like

    Burning Man on wheels… or Woodstock with 20-50W. ChumpCar is about professionally

    managed, well-regulated racing events on professional tracks with a special focus on driver, team,

    worker and guest safety. ChumpCar events award monetary prizes to race and theme winners,

    while simultaneously promoting contributions to local charities at each venue. More than anything,

    it’s about meeting a bunch of people who are just as crazy, just as passionate, and just as caffeineloaded

    as you are when the sun finally comes up and you realize that you still have another 6 hours

    of racing to go! Damn!


    Do I have to be a licensed race driver to enter?

    Nope. You do have to have a valid State or international driver’s license… and you’ll have to have

    a ChumpCar World Series Competition License – but those are pretty simple to get. $50 and

    they’re valid for 12 months from whenever you purchased yours. If this is your first-time in a road

    race, we do require that you take the ChumpCar Driver’s School (2-hour off-track classroom

    session, held at your first event). That’s going to set you back a whole $25. It’s a one-time deal

    and it ensures that everyone on the track knows the basics of safety, the rules of the road, rules of

    the pit and what everyone is talking about when they are discussing a decreasing radius-double

    apex-off-camber corner.


    Should I have my head examined?

    Yep. No doubt about it. This is insanity at its finest. I mean, how many people do you know that

    would climb into a $500 race car and push that car beyond 42 miles an hour for extended periods of

    time, lap after lap? Well, actually, you better know three more people like that. You see, you’ll

    need a team of four (4) drivers for our double 7-hour Enduros and six (6) drivers for ChumpCar’s

    24-hour endurance races, plus we’d like to see every team have a designated Team Captain that’s

    not a driver. Someone who the Chief Steward can talk to when one of your teammates screws up.

    That won’t be pretty, but somebody’s got to do it. We’ve worked hard to develop this series into a

    fun event that’s as safe as possible… and the tracks that we hold our events are among the best, the

    most sophisticated and the safest in the world. Regardless, go see a shrink before sending in your

    entry form.

    Is ChumpCar competing with the 24 Hours of LeMons?

    Not at all. Our management team was engaged with LeMons at its founding, including promoting

    and putting on the first LeMons events. And we continue to support LeMons in every possible way,

    including participating in their races! We developed the ChumpCar World Series as an adjunct to

    LeMons, to bring $500 “crap-can” racing to those geographic areas and tracks that were not being

    served by LeMons or, in certain cases, were underserved based on the demand for additional races,

    as shown by overwhelming car counts. ChumpCar’s rules are 95% identical with LeMons rules to

    allow competitors to enter both series and double their fun. LeMons is unique… and we think that

    ChumpCar is also unique, based on our race format, support of local charities, and especially

    because of the tracks that we race at. The ChumpCar World Series will not hold events at any track

    where LeMons has already held events (2006-2009) and has established its brand. Additionally,

    ChumpCar will not hold an event within 30-days of any LeMons event at a track within a 250-mile

    radius of the LeMons event location. It’s a big country and there are a lot of racers out there.


    What are the similarities between the 2 series? What’s different?

    First and foremost, both series share a love of motorsports… and laid-back fun…and a desire for

    more people to experience road racing and endurance racing (without breaking the bank).

    Basically, here are the similarities:

    o $500 car; safety equipment; fees and costs; creative theme; good times; clean racing

    And, here are the differences:

    o Depending on the track, ChumpCar’s race format will either be a single 24-hour

    endurance race or two (2) 7-hour Enduros each race weekend. For the double Enduros,

    one race will be held on Saturday and one race on Sunday. Laps from Saturday are not

    carried forward to Sunday, so if you had a “bad day” on Saturday, the slate is wiped

    clean and you start fresh on Sunday.

    o The starting order for Sunday’s race is inverted from the finishing order of Saturday.

    o Teams must have four (4) drivers -- 6 drivers for any 24 hour endurance race -- and we’d

    prefer that every team have one (1) Team Captain (or Team Manager / Crew Chief) that

    will be the point-of-contact and go-to person when somebody on the team screws up.

    o Each race will have its own race winners, with prize money paid to 1st, 2nd and 3rd

    overall, as well as Best Theme & Engineering. Win both races on Saturday and Sunday

    and you’ll get a $1,000 bonus.

    o Brakes and wheels are subject to the “2X” OEM cost rule.

    o No car will be destroyed because of penalties or votes. All penalties are pre-published,

    so you know what kind of trouble you’re in before it happens. 100% of all fines and

    penalty-related fees are donated to a local charity that is determined before the event.

    o ChumpCar will impose a claiming rule against any and all cars found to grossly exceed

    the spirit or actual rules of the series… and we’ll auction the car off at the event, with the

    net proceeds of the auction going to a local charity. Teams having the car claimed can

    buy their car back.

    o Every driver must have a ChumpCar World Series Competition License – regardless of

    any other comp license that you may have. First-time road racers MUST attend a 2-hour

    driver’s school (held on Friday night before the race) prior to getting their competition


    o 24-hour endurance events where the anticipated speed will exceed 120 mph will be

    restricted to valid and/or previous ChumpCar World Series Competition License holders

    – no first-time, novice drivers will be allowed on track.

    Got more questions than this? Contact the ChumpCar World Series – [email protected]

    Some of the differences and rules changes between LeMons and ChumpCar are subtle; some are

    not. All changes are meant to increase safety, lower cost, improve the racing and enhance

    everyone’s overall experience.


    What tracks is the ChumpCar World Series running at?

    For the 2009-2010 season, we’ve secured dates at Portland International Raceway, Homestead-

    Miami Speedway, Rockingham Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway, Infineon Sears Point Raceway,

    Gateway Motor Speedway, Sebring Raceway, Putnam Park, GingerMan Raceway, Sandia

    Motorsports Park and others. Keep up-to-date by watching the event schedule on our website.


    Okay, how do I enter and how do I make sure I get accepted?

    Entry is easy – just fill-out our on-line Entry Application form ( Make sure

    you detail any special theme or engineering concept that you’ll be applying to your car, because

    that’s the key to getting accepted. As your team comes together (drivers and crew), have them fillout

    their profile information. All entries must be received by the ChumpCar World Series before the

    application cut-off, which is 90-days prior to the event. Applicants will be notified within 5 days of

    the cut-off whether they have been accepted, wait-listed or rejected. The payment deadline is 60-

    days prior to the event, and any team missing this deadline will have their entry cancelled, with the

    spot going to a wait-listed or previously rejected team. The final deadline is 30-days prior to the

    event, where all team members must be identified and all rosters are considered locked. Changes in

    the team roster after the 30-day deadline will result in a $100 per change penalty (unless the change

    was due to a death in the family or other critical emergency).


    Where do I find a $500 race car?

    Well, when your neighbor’s not home and you’ve noticed that he left his 1983 Honda Civic in the

    driveway… okay, better not. Actually, there really isn’t such a thing as a $500 race car… and, if

    you find one, please DON’T bring it to one of our events! What you want is a car valued at and/or

    legally purchased (and documented) for $500… or close to it. Try,, your

    local junkyards, and don’t forget impound yards who regularly sell cars that they’ve been sitting on

    and would love to get rid of. There’s also friends, family and co-workers – put the word out and

    you’ll be amazed at what comes your way. Once you’ve got the car, you can always REDUCE the

    value and purchase price of the car by selling parts off the car (and documenting each sale). For

    every dollar you earn back, you can take a dollar off the purchase price of the car. For example,

    buy a 1988 Ford Escort for $600, then sell the seats for $75 and the radio for $25. You now have a

    $500 car. From there, plan on investing another $1,500 - $3,000 into your hefty-hunk-ofscreaming-

    junk… depending on how good you are scouring through junkyards, welding,

    fabricating, spray painting and being a shade-tree mechanic. It can be done for less, but we

    wouldn’t want to race it!


    What else do I need?

    Of the $1,500-$3,000 invested in the car (see above), a big chunk of that will go into the required

    safety equipment. Likewise, you’ll need to invest in some decent personal safety stuff – like a

    helmet, Nomex driving suit, gloves, etc. All of the required items are listed in the ChumpCar World

    Series Rules. Also, the ChumpCar World Series website has links to some great deals on excellent

    gear and equipment. (coming on-line soon!) Check these out first before you go and spend a wad

    on something way overpriced. That said, here are a few words of advice to all: Got a $50 head?

    Then get a $50 helmet. Understood? (Don’t scrimp on getting good gear!)


    Got more questions than this? Check out the ChumpCar World Series – or your Regional Chumpster Jeff Krekeler - [email protected]

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    10/06/2009 11:09 AM
    Regional Chumpster? I always knew
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    10/29/2009 4:45 PM
    Planning on Memphis and Texas next year! Man this crap car stuff is fun!
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    10/30/2009 2:55 PM
    Memphis may be a problem as Dover just shuttered it.

    I know it's a longer haul, but consider Iowa Speedway... the roval promises a lot of excitement and fun!
    Ghost of Autocrosser Past
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