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Last Post 05/25/2009 3:02 PM by  scarlson42
CSP RX7-Fully Prepped with Extra Rain Tires/Wheels
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05/25/2009 3:02 PM

    For sale the Yellow 1985 RX7 which once dominated CSP in the St. Louis region.  This car is CSP prepped to the full extent of the rules.  It is equipped with a 13B rotary engine with Haltech fuel injection and ignition control. Here's what comes as part of the equipment:

    coil overs; fully adjustable f/r sway bars, torsen diff; G-force tri-link suspension and panhard rod with setup manual; Racing Beat upper intake manifold; Tokico adjustable shocks, extra springs; Sparco competition seat; relocated battery; 8 aluminum competition wheels (Kaiser) and a set of Hoosier Dirt Stocker tires for rain use.  The car only had about 65K miles before conversion to Solo II. 

    This car weighs about 2200 lb and has been corner weighted, although the corner weighting can be adjusted for a new driver. 

    Asking price $3995.  You can't create a competitive CSP car for less.

    Steve Carlson

    314-504-4362 evenings

    Up for sale again.  The original deal fell through in the bad economy.
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