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Last Post 12/20/2008 1:06 AM by  RX 555
100 Acre Wood Rally getting local oppsition
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12/18/2008 1:53 AM

    I stumbled on to an article about the 100 Acre wood Rally getting resistance from county officials in some of the counties and towns around the Rally areas.

    Not sure who to contact to make sure someone from the rally could make a statement or appearance to help calm the people's fears. 

    County commission seeks public comment on rally

    PA questions having rally race in 2009

    Rally is a good thing for county


    They are having a public meeting, on December 22, in Crawford county about potentially banning the 2009 100 acre wood rally.

    I think that sucks!  

    I am surprised the public does not look forward to the extra income in the off season, and most of the trouble is a lot less than drunk float tripping teenagers in the summertime.

    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    12/19/2008 1:36 PM

    Yesterday's article (Dec 18)

     Seems that alot of folks are in favor of it and just a few sticks in the mud with personal opinion.


    RX 555
    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    12/20/2008 1:06 AM

    btw, don't exaggerate the issue.  It's only one county and pretty much only one guy who is stirring this up.  The rally will go on regardless, just maybe not in that county.  We will have someone at that meeting to help with any questions they have.


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