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15 Replies and 293 Views Happy Thanksgiving  293  15 Started by  Tom Fraelich Just checking to be certain all my fellow Super Vee folks were still out there. Hasn't anyone got anything to discuss on this forum Take a minute over the holiday weekend and put something up here to get things going. Thanks
15 293
by  Tom FraelichJump to last post
01/14/2003 6:13 PM
1 Replies and 298 Views Oil Pump Adapter ForSale  298  1 Started by  Tom Fraelich One Bertils style dry sump adapter for side mount pump. See Photo at Bertils website for pump and plate configuration, $100.00 plus something to cover shipping to you.
1 298
by  Russ McBrideJump to last post
12/20/2002 2:05 PM
0 Replies and 162 Views Historic FSV For Sale  162  0 Started by  Anonymous Zeitler Super Vee. available, as last raced. This car was driven by John MaGee of New York. Car is TOTALLY ORIGINAL, and in very good condition. All fiber glass is totally correct, and in place. Original Paint, etc. John Zeitler built the first winning Super Vee, this is proably the only car, of the original build left, that has never seen life as some type of autocross car or benn butchered up in some other manner. This car is a visual piece of FSV history. Dominic has pictures of this car. I h...
0 162
11/04/2002 7:17 AM
2 Replies and 238 Views Ralt RT5 Question  238  2 Started by  schroeder6 Doe's anyone know for sure, were the original RT5's 4 speed or 5 speed gear boxes not counting reversePease email me at with replies.Thnaks, Fred Schroeder
2 238
by  mxrodJump to last post
10/31/2002 10:02 PM
1 Replies and 166 Views Ralt RT5 Configurations  166  1 Started by  Anonymous Hi all!I'm wondering what the chassis configuration differences are between the RT5 SV and the AtlanticAny insights would be appreciated.Thanks,Jol
1 166
by  AnonymousJump to last post
10/30/2002 8:07 PM
0 Replies and 186 Views Goodyear Rain Tires  186  0 Started by  Anonymous I have (2) 22.0 x 9.0 x 13 Goodyear Rains. They were rears for my Sport 2000 but rub badly and I can't use them. They have been mounted and rolled around on the car but never put on the track. $100/
0 186
10/27/2002 10:13 AM
5 Replies and 188 Views 79 March FSV (chasis 001!) for sale on ebay  188  5 Started by  Anonymous http://www.ebaymotors.comViewItem&item=1844844949 Just passing the information along. I don't know the car or seller. Russ
5 188
by  Carson RasmussenJump to last post
10/21/2002 8:32 PM
0 Replies and 209 Views wanted Hewland MK-8 parts  209  0 Started by  JVURBAN Looking for MK-8 bearing carrier, rear cover, and parts for my 70 FSV. Any leads and info is appreciated.
0 209
10/17/2002 6:31 PM
0 Replies and 231 Views oil pump adapter plates  231  0 Started by  Tom Fraelich I have an adapter plate for a side mount dry sump pump for a super vee engine. It's the Bertils style with the oil filter mounted vertically above the pump. Part 703 in his catalog. I would like to swap it to someone for a Brabham style adapter plate, the one where the filter mounts horizontally in front of the dry sump pump. Anyone have a plate they'd like to swap or sell outright Let me know.
0 231
10/07/2002 5:42 PM
9 Replies and 273 Views Links to FSV pictures  273  9 Started by  TeamFRD New topic - continued from the Argo topic...Place your links to pictures here.Try the UBB IMAGE button below to place a picture inside your post...
9 273
by  TuiJump to last post
10/04/2002 11:31 AM
0 Replies and 176 Views wheel nut wanted RT-5  176  0 Started by  Anonymous I need a Ralt RT-5 wheel nut(lug nut). I will buy one even two of them if you have them for sale. you can email me at: rod o'connormxrodpacbell.net714.635.2650714.280.1953 (h)thanx for your time
0 176
09/30/2002 9:37 PM
1 Replies and 174 Views need help to identify  174  1 Started by  Anonymous recently purchased a possible super vee type car,seller said that it was a formula {} car.i want to get it running and use it as a promotional tool. description: car has a box frame chassis with tubular roll bar for driver.independent front suspension,upper and lower a arm with shocks not like a volkswagon.rear has independent trailing arms with coil over is powered by a 640cc bombardier snowmobile engine and driveline,which means single speed belt driven by centrifucal clutch.thus ...
1 174
by  Russ McBrideJump to last post
09/18/2002 7:16 AM
10 Replies and 223 Views Argo super v  223  10 Started by  Anonymous Does any one know who the importer for Argo was in the early 80s in the US.
10 223
by  AnonymousJump to last post
09/12/2002 8:50 PM
2 Replies and 212 Views Increasing Weber chokes from 36 to 38  212  2 Started by  Russ McBride Hi, all. My engine is running pretty well since my recent rebuild, so I should leave well enough alone, but I noticed that the chokes in my Weber dual 40 DCOE carbs are 36, and I have some 38's. Should I swap themMy engine was 1600cc, bored to 1700cc. It's got a decent head, not a wild cam, and the compression is a little under 13:1.Whatdya think
2 212
by  Russ McBrideJump to last post
09/11/2002 12:19 AM
4 Replies and 252 Views Monoposto F70 schedule? [East coast]  252  4 Started by  TeamFRD Where is web site that lists the F70 schedule on the East coast Or can someone post it here Did I miss FSVs at Watkins Glen :( It seems that F70 is buried in with HSR and SVRA.
4 252
by  TeamFRDJump to last post
09/03/2002 8:23 AM
0 Replies and 206 Views looking for engine  206  0 Started by  mxrod I'm looking for a spare engine for my 1986 ralt rt-5. Preferably already bored, but will consider a can write me at please list what it includes, asking price, condition, location, etc..thanxrod o'connor
0 206
08/30/2002 12:50 AM
4 Replies and 224 Views Good way to check oil level in Hewland transaxle?  224  4 Started by  Russ McBride Is there an easy/good way to check the transmission oil level in a Hewland Mark 9 All I know is that I should add a quart after changing gears, but how can I check it from time to time if I haven't opened the gearbox in a whileTIA.
4 224
by  mxrodJump to last post
08/30/2002 12:45 AM
5 Replies and 202 Views Car covers for formula cars?  202  5 Started by  Russ McBride Are there companies that sell car covers for formula cars I have a Ralt RT-5 with front & rear wings.Thanks in advance.
5 202
by  AnonymousJump to last post
08/29/2002 6:54 PM
8 Replies and 162 Views Verify History  162  8 Started by  Anonymous Picked up a FSV several years ago. Had handwritten documentation...wanted to see if I could verify history.Lola T-252Mfr. H.U 29Originally Montgomery Porsche Audi Team carDriven by Bagley and ReddyThanks,Gregg
8 162
by  Russ McBrideJump to last post
08/28/2002 6:07 PM
8 Replies and 242 Views Air cooled engine assembly  242  8 Started by  TeamFRD Wow! Look, there is a topic that I did not start!! YEA! Last night I finally got back to my engine. Putting the cam gear onto the crank sucks! Step 0 - put on bearing before any of this.Step 1 - heat cam gear (in toaster oven) 2. Prep crank with oil and make sure the custom-made pipe, that is notched to clear the woodruff key, is nearby. 3. Get gear 4. Get leather gloves to pick up HOT gear. 5. Start gear onto crank while crank is laying down. 6. Stand crank upright. 7. Hold/balance ...
8 242
by  TeamFRDJump to last post
08/28/2002 1:47 PM
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