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7 Replies and 173 Views Newbie Q: How does the season work?  173  7 Started by  jerrya Ok, I've attended a few events, and participated in the last one of the year. Now I'm wondering how the whole season works. I understand that there are points, but what are the details Do I have to run in the same car all year How many events do I really NEED to attend (I'm planning on being at all but one so far.)I know a little about the rookie challenge from the other thread a while back.Thanks! (Can you tell I'm getting excited about this!)
7 173
by  jerryaJump to last post
02/11/2002 6:38 PM
5 Replies and 210 Views '02 Rule Books  210  5 Started by  DaveW SPS Finally got the 2002 SOlo II Rule books today, so if you were waiting for yours, you should get it shortly.DaveW
5 210
by  AndyJump to last post
02/09/2002 11:58 PM
80 Replies and 722 Views Numbers for 02  722  80 Started by  Taz2w
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I want to order a set of numbers for my car this year, I was just wanting to know if there had been a ruling on how this the numbers will work this year-Thanks
80 722
by  mugwumpJump to last post
02/08/2002 1:06 AM
6 Replies and 183 Views F(*(ing Wheel Bearings  183  6 Started by  DaveW If anybody has a Dodge 3/4 Ton 2WD PU, watch out if you ever have a front wheel bearing fail....$240 for hub/bearing unit, $8 for the NUT that holds it on (Which is STamped "e;Do NOt Use"e;) and $30 for 1 5/8"e; socket (unless you happen to have this around). To top it all off, no dealers stock the part, so you have to order it!The bitch of it really is that I only have 38K miles on it....and from what I see on my internet research, they rarely fail....must be some type of fluke, th...
6 183
by  timwJump to last post
02/07/2002 11:20 PM
4 Replies and 193 Views Looking for Connie Curran  193  4 Started by  adamrx7 I need to mail some forms to her, does anyone know a phone number to get ahold of her. I e-mail her but running out of time. Thank you
4 193
by  adamrx7Jump to last post
02/05/2002 6:49 AM
7 Replies and 312 Views Event Chairs  312  7 Started by  Bryan S Okay here is my post that changed Dan's Banquet thread into an event chair thread.So far Scooby has volunteered to co-chair an event and then do one later on. Nadeem volunteered for the first event.quote:Originally posted by krek:I am NOT volunteering, but I am curious at to what an event is responsible for.Well, the event chair is responsible for the operation of the event. Duties involve designing or getting someone to design a course. Verifying with various specialty chiefs that there will be...
7 312
by  gidtupJump to last post
02/01/2002 8:53 PM
9 Replies and 251 Views Strut tower bars. What's the rule book say?  251  9 Started by  Cujo31 Ok. Let's say I am entered in oh, STS or G-Stock class. No modifications to speak of on the car, lets say just an aftermarket intake pipe or something like that.I don't have a rule book handy, forgive me. But, what would happen if you put a single strut tower bar on the car Do you have to move to a modified class Like all the way to SM or notI've heard yes, and i've heard no.. set me straight.thanks,Brian W.(i just ask, because i have stumbled upon a source for a VERY cheap stb. Jus...
9 251
by  jsarinoJump to last post
01/31/2002 5:06 PM
2 Replies and 195 Views Solo Performance Spam - Feb 02  195  2 Started by  DaveW For our February special, we are offering a 10 discount on any graphics orders where the total order is over $50. Get your new class letters or a new set now and save $$$.We also have added several color choices for out Bulk Magnetic Material for those of you who want to make your own numbers/letters or mount stickers, etc. We'll have the webpage updated in a day or so. Go to &91url=''& DaveW
2 195
by  DaveWJump to last post
01/30/2002 5:10 PM
27 Replies and 554 Views 52 days to go!  554  27 Started by  Q2team
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Till the event!
27 554
by  russ3Jump to last post
01/28/2002 8:38 PM
14 Replies and 266 Views First Solo II Event  266  14 Started by  brianschuetz So is it the 17th or the 24th of March. The tentative schedule on the Solo2 site shows the 17th, but the St. Louis SCCA site says 24th. :confused:
14 266
by  mugwumpJump to last post
01/23/2002 4:33 PM
5 Replies and 248 Views Rule Books  248  5 Started by  DaveW The 2002 SCCA Solo Rule books are expected in by February 1st. They will be available for sale through Solo Performance If you place your order now, we will not run your CC until we ship....&91i&93Fine Print: SPS does not profit on the sale of rule books. They are sold for the same price as available anywhere else. We provide e-commerce infratructure and shipping services free of charge based on our sponsorship agreement with the region.&91/i&93Da...
5 248
by  DaveWJump to last post
01/18/2002 1:47 PM
19 Replies and 303 Views Attn. Novices!  303  19 Started by  DaveW Solo Performance SPecialties has finalized an agreement to provide contingency prizes for the 2002 Novice points championship.Details on the 2002 Solo Performance Specialties Novice of the Year Championship program are available at &91url=''& While I'm spamming, we have our last few THH Snell 95 Open Face helets on closeout, along with G-Force crew on specials on our page or go here.&91url='http://soloperforman...
19 303
by  318tiGuyJump to last post
01/16/2002 4:52 PM
6 Replies and 274 Views Rule Book and Drivers Courses  274  6 Started by  csmithblues Where cna i find a rule book and when are the driving courses
6 274
by  PeteKneseJump to last post
01/11/2002 2:25 PM
71 Replies and 915 Views Family Arena lost as venue :(  915  71 Started by  gary p
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I just read the notice on &91url=''& This bites! I wonder if the concerns about ruining the surface are real of if its just an excuse....Undoubtedly there has been pressure from some locals to dump us. I have attended a couple of Dodge "e;ride-and-drive"e; training events there in the past. We were there not too long ago hammering 5000lb Dodge Ram trucks around a handling course and a small oval track. If that doesn't hurt the su...
71 915
by  Bryan SJump to last post
01/09/2002 8:12 AM
9 Replies and 284 Views Lawyer Wannabe's Needed!  284  9 Started by  DaveW I am the chair of the By-Laws committee for 2002 - we need to correct a few errors and are also looking at some possible election procedure changes. Anyway, I need a volunteer or two to help. So far, Dan Quirk is the only person I have volunteered, and I'd like 1 or 2 more. We should be able to hack it out in a 1 or 2 meetings.Let me know if you are interested.DaveW
9 284
by  DaveWJump to last post
01/02/2002 8:37 PM
10 Replies and 315 Views Questions about helmets  315  10 Started by  Ralph Can someone explain the Snell rating system, and what the numbers meanAlso, do you know if the current rating requirment in the Solo II rules are going to change in the near futureDo motorcycle helmets satisfy the rulesThanks. I need to get a helmet to protect this good looking head of mine. :D RalphEEEEEEEEEEEE Prepaaaaaaaaaared, yeeha!
10 315
by  PeteKneseJump to last post
01/02/2002 7:44 PM
0 Replies and 364 Views Solo Website Updated  364  0 Started by  DaveW I updated the &91url=''& website today to include many of the recent happenings in the solo world....check it out.Also, keep in mind that the Evolution Schools fill up fast...if you are interested, get you deposit in SOON...A Phase I and a PHASE II are both already full!DaveW
0 364
12/31/2001 12:02 PM
5 Replies and 376 Views 2002 Trophies?  376  5 Started by  Bryan S On this thread we're asking what people want for event trophies next season. Remember we're on a budget.Also we'd like to find somone to be trophy queen (or king) next season. That means a chief to take care of getting them made and to the events. Don't worry, you won't be flying blind, the Solo Board will help with supplies and such.
5 376
by  Bryan SJump to last post
12/29/2001 10:49 AM
5 Replies and 557 Views June 10 event  557  5 Started by  Andy I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who stayed around to help with the clean up after a hot day on the asphalt. The course flowed well, I just wish I had driven better. I hope everyone had fun today. See you all in a month.
5 557
by  RalphJump to last post
06/11/2001 11:45 PM
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