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6 Replies and 1018 Views Junkyard Wars  1018  6 Started by  jeyping Anyone watch Junkyard Wars  I just discovered the show on the Science channel and today's 'Jet Trikes' show featured a team of SCCA Solo2 drivers from the Great Lakes region (if I heard correctly) called 'Dirty Drivers'.  The two teams had 10 hours to build a jet-powered tricycle out of junkyard parts.  Excellent show - definitely DVR'ing the other episodes. 
6 1018
by  christocJump to last post
07/12/2008 3:57 AM
1 Replies and 652 Views Confessions of a Honda Fanboi  652  1 Started by  JamesE After all these years driving Subarus, who knew I was a Honda Fanboi  I've been in search for a daily driver for the last few weeks.  I had my sights set on an old Subaru but they are such a rare find, especially in the sub $2,000 range that I had budgeted.  Accords and Civics were next on my list due to their reputation for reliability, and the number of vehicles sold ensures that my local pick-n-pull junkyard will have plenty of cars to steal parts from.  I ran across this...
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by  Speed RaycerJump to last post
07/02/2008 10:07 AM
2 Replies and 635 Views The White Tornado lives!  635  2 Started by  christoc Run 3 on Sunday from the Peru National Tour. I blew out the turn around, and shortly after that put on a show, though not as impressive as my days in the 350Z, the concrete killed my momentum in the spin.
2 635
by  christocJump to last post
06/30/2008 11:59 AM
0 Replies and 996 Views R&S Racing and SPS presents Event 4 in the MiDiv Solo Series  996  0 Started by  gareno MiDiv Event 4 of the Solo Performance Specialties & R&S Racing Solo Series. I wanted to invite all of you to come to our 4th event in the Midiv Solo Series. It is our Championship event at Heartland Park Topeka.  There are several other things that make this event worth attending.  1. There will be a Test & Tune on Friday Aug 1st. Not only that...but we will be running the 2007 Nationals East Course. So it will be great for comparison to last years Nationals.  2. For the Di...
0 996
06/29/2008 8:54 PM
0 Replies and 1101 Views Auto X in Memphis June 22nd  1101  0 Started by  pzary3233 If any of you guys are looking for a taste of something a little different, come on down!SCCA Mid-South Region Autocross, Sunday June 22, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Memphis Motorsports Park ROADCOURSE! Sunday, June 22, 2008 Curious Check out a video of a typical MMP course: We will be following this VERY closely as we want to have all runs and have a decent amo...
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06/19/2008 8:58 PM
30 Replies and 2747 Views So, What's Up With Grand Prix Speedway?  2747  30 Started by  rtp.rick
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I noticed that the sign on the side of the building is now being turned on at night.  If no one is there, why would anyone waste the electricity  Seems odd that they'd turn the sign on.  Is something up H's & K's,Rick Ruth
30 2747
by  krekJump to last post
06/12/2008 11:22 PM
0 Replies and 1090 Views STP Concert Sunday  1090  0 Started by  christoc I've got an extra ticket to the STP Concert on Sunday. Anyone interested in going Row K, near the center of the isle, should be awesome seats.
0 1090
06/08/2008 12:30 AM
2 Replies and 575 Views Racing Fuel (where to find)  575  2 Started by  94delsolsi I'm looking for 100 octane unleaded fuel Where is the best place to buy Any help is appreciated.
2 575
by  bumsaramaJump to last post
06/05/2008 11:32 PM
7 Replies and 731 Views Can't seem to find the Solo2 schedule anywhere...  731  7 Started by  Jed ...and on a side note (not looking to start an inter-club argument or anything) has anyone run a NASA-X event or HPDE Cheers, Jed
7 731
by  JedJump to last post
06/02/2008 7:13 PM
2 Replies and 556 Views tire clearance  556  2 Started by  hp350zzz I just put Hoosier 275 40 17's on stock 17' 350Z wheels, and have about 1/2 inch clearance between upper inside corner of tire and spindle on the front of the car. Should this be enough Using Hoosiers for autocross only, otherwise running street tires on stock wheels.
2 556
by  hp350zzzJump to last post
05/28/2008 5:15 PM
4 Replies and 845 Views Nurburgring 24hr live steaming  845  4 Started by  mugwump pretty sweet.   i'm sure its better if you understand german.  Maybe Arshad can do live translations for us ignorant folks &91:)&93
4 845
by  christocJump to last post
05/27/2008 2:12 PM
0 Replies and 1024 Views I need someone to mill down a piece of metal  1024  0 Started by  Prometheus6krpm Does anyone here have a mill or access to a mill  I have a caliper bracket that needs to be milled down flat about 0.061'.
0 1024
05/23/2008 11:46 PM
10 Replies and 827 Views Pointfest  827  10 Started by  JamesE I haven't been to a Pointfest in nearly a decade, but I'm really looking forward to going this weekend.  I am chaperoning my 16 yr old sister and some of her girlfriends.  Wish me luck.  Anyone else going that I might bump into 
10 827
by  John PJump to last post
05/20/2008 1:20 PM
3 Replies and 711 Views I got me one now..  711  3 Started by  XJDano I signed a contract on a house yesterday.should have more space to attempt to work on things there and  maybe attend an autoX event now and then.
3 711
by  XJDanoJump to last post
05/16/2008 6:59 PM
2 Replies and 712 Views Got power?  712  2 Started by  MattG One of the many trees lining the power lines by my house went down.  So no power for me and about 30 of my neighbors.    Crews did get the tree cleaned up but no electrician crews yet.   Anyone else loose power  
2 712
by  MattGJump to last post
05/12/2008 11:54 PM
2 Replies and 576 Views Enclosed Trailer help, outfitting it  576  2 Started by  94delsolsi I just picked up a used 20' enclosed, I am in the process of 'remodeling'/cleaning it, I know a few of you guys use enclosed trailers and just wanted to get you're thoughts on things I might want to add while I'm redoing it. It's wired for 110v has placement and plumbing for a compressor, 3 overhead 4' flor. lights, 2 small work benches with a space just big enough to slide in my roll around bottom box and secure it. I'm used to towing a flat trailer and just throwing everything in back of ...
2 576
by  94delsolsiJump to last post
05/12/2008 12:12 AM
2 Replies and 632 Views Great *** cope well with warming  632  2 Started by  MikeB   Great tits cope well with warming sorry just had too!  &916&93 but it looks the auto censor cant allow the joke  &91:(&93  
2 632
by  MikeBJump to last post
05/10/2008 9:16 PM
13 Replies and 1025 Views Go Speed Go! Live Action Movie!  1025  13 Started by  JamesE The only thing that could possibly be better than the live action Initial D movie is live action Speed Racer produced by Wachowski brothers!  Trailer and Pics at Autoblog  
13 1025
by  christocJump to last post
05/10/2008 4:07 PM
1 Replies and 583 Views go see Iron Man  583  1 Started by  RX 555's awesome :)  But then just about everything Favreau puts his name on is great. I'm sure the fans already know, but make sure you stay through the credits to the end &91;)&93
1 583
by  bumsaramaJump to last post
05/04/2008 11:42 AM
2 Replies and 709 Views Where to buy laptop parts?  709  2 Started by  chrisitr I need to replace the securing strip on our laptop and I've spent  hours trying to find one online.  Anyone have any suggestions for places I could look 
2 709
by  chrisitrJump to last post
05/02/2008 1:27 PM
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