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31 Replies and 3690 Views Gas/Diesel Prices 2008 : How high will it go?!  3690  31 Started by  JamesE
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I'm trying to get an idea of what we could be in for.  Gas and Diesel prices are rising and there seems to be no plateau.  I suspect it could keep going until we match the price paid for fuel in Europe.Current Diesel Price $USD / GallonUSA (St. Louis, MO) = $4.69 UK (Average) = $8.43Can someone check my math on the UK $/gallon.  Sources report that Diesel is 112.5p (GBP Pence) / liter.  With current USD/GBP conversion and assuming 3.8L/gallon, I get $8.43.  That is CRAZ...
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by  VibeJump to last post
11/21/2008 10:56 AM
19 Replies and 988 Views No matter what that lying [email protected] Hammond says...  988  19 Started by  DaveW . . . I am Batman!  
19 988
by  MattGJump to last post
11/08/2008 7:30 PM
9 Replies and 781 Views The latest in drift technology  781  9 Started by  JamesE Nissan 240 drivers and other so called 'drifters', you are no longer cool unless you have THIS!....  Yes!  Rollerblade wheels in your rear fender to allow you to avoid damage to your rear fender during those crowd pleasing close calls with barriers!Full article at Autoblog.  
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by  RX 555Jump to last post
11/08/2008 2:28 AM
38 Replies and 1801 Views Its official!  1801  38 Started by  bumsarama
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Its basically official people, is dead!
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by  MattGJump to last post
11/01/2008 12:44 AM
14 Replies and 1575 Views New offerings - ceramic/engine coatings  1575  14 Started by  Rande Hackmann I have expanded the line of products the company is offering and have added ceramic coatings and internal engine coatings to the mix.  Ceramic is perfect for exhaust components to keep the heat in and accelerate the flow out the pipes.  So for for engine coatings I offer Dry film lubricants for bearings and such, a special DFL for piston skirts and a ceramic coating for piston tops.  If you have built you car and taken advantage every other way these may give you the bit edge to p...
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by  Rande HackmannJump to last post
10/23/2008 11:21 PM
3 Replies and 522 Views Sex?? Yes, please!  522  3 Started by  bumsarama  I would ruin her for life!!!!|653A3|2403A1318&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245 
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by  Rande HackmannJump to last post
10/02/2008 9:56 PM
2 Replies and 827 Views 1993 Corvette autocross questions?  827  2 Started by  steve40th I have the ZO7 suspension(115.5 front/57 rear springs)26s rear and 32s front sway bars, 275 BFG fronts/315 BFG (KD radials f/r), and I have offset lower control arm bushings, poly bushings everywhere else, yadda yadda. How much front camber would I want to go to before its TOO much, if there is too much camber for C4's. And how much has anyone tried to get with offset bushings, shaved spacers etc etc. And what would you want the rear camber to be in relationship to front, i.e. .50 degrees ...
2 827
by  christocJump to last post
10/02/2008 10:37 AM
2 Replies and 903 Views The Jim Stevens Group @ BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups October 7  903  2 Started by  92AS     Hope you can make it to the first “Jim Stevens Group” gig in two years. It’s going to be a fun show at one of the best venues in the St. Louis area. Here are the particulars:   Tuesday, October 7 BB’s Jazz, Blues & Soups 700 S. Broadway, St. Louis 7-9pm   The band will feature:   John Mondin-Guitar/vocals Curt Sharkey-Bass/vocals John Coatney-Drums/vocals Jim Stevens-Saxophone   Our special guest will be Red Pill recording artist R. Scott Br...
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by  BDSCT51Jump to last post
10/01/2008 7:29 PM
5 Replies and 535 Views 2008 Evo MR  535  5 Started by  rtp.rick What's the opinion of this fabulous group of folks about this car  Could it be a winner for A Stock on a Regional and Divisional level  What about the National level H's & K's,Rick Ruth
5 535
by  christocJump to last post
10/01/2008 12:33 PM
4 Replies and 579 Views WED. PDX Pictures  579  4 Started by  Scooby Do    (cut and paste since this stupid forum software cant figure out a link)  If you'd like prints, or files contact me please. Enjoy!Shawn  
4 579
by  TLMotorsportJump to last post
09/30/2008 11:33 AM
1 Replies and 453 Views laptop help  453  1 Started by  MattG My laptop started acting up and freezing.  I booted with the battery, and Hard Drive out, from a disk, but could still get the system to lock up if I moved the monitor.   Could it possibly be something like the cable is loose, or something 'easy'   It does not always boot from the hard drive, and sometimes the screen just goes to a backlit mode. However, I can not network on to it from my desktop, which tells me the system froze up (or networking doesn't work).  Ot...
1 453
by  jeypingJump to last post
09/29/2008 12:42 PM
2 Replies and 623 Views Computer Virus! Help me Mr. Wizard!!!!!!  623  2 Started by  BDSCT51 The spouse was using my laptop and since she thinks that every email or message is a matter of life and death managed to get some form of virus that got past my protection. It seems to wipe out the desktop and asks you to load up a version of WINspyware or something to that effect. You cannot get to your task manager at all. I have not tried starting the computer up in safe mode but that's about the extent of my knowledge level on this stuff. Any help Is it hosed Recommended fixes if any...
2 623
by  MikeBJump to last post
08/28/2008 9:33 AM
7 Replies and 732 Views Road America ALMS photos  732  7 Started by  RX 555 Here are some pics from the races last weekend at Road America.  Most of em are ALMS and World Challenge, but there's a few of the other races too.
7 732
by  Mark HirtJump to last post
08/16/2008 10:43 PM
0 Replies and 1629 Views Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals Decals  1629  0 Started by  DaveW For the first time,, the official source for licensed SCCA merchandise and apparel, is offering the required stickers for the Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals for distribution ahead of time. We also offer optional reusable vinyl and magnetic backing for the decals in case you want to use the over and over.  PLEASE NOTE: The stickers are provided free of charge by our friends at The Tire ...
0 1629
08/12/2008 1:21 PM
1 Replies and 465 Views Question about TPMS  465  1 Started by  Janet Swiney The Evo has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. If I buy wheels and tires for autox would I have to have the monitors as well to stay in stock class If it takes me out of stock class,what class would I be in
1 465
by  matthuntmanJump to last post
08/11/2008 9:13 PM
6 Replies and 691 Views Hitch parts  691  6 Started by  MattG   Anyone have suggestions for local, or internet shops that would have a good price on an adjustable drop hitch ball mount.   I need something that will drop about 11-12 inches.  Possibly something like this     why do I have a feeling UBPGDT is going to hit on this
6 691
by  BDSCT51Jump to last post
07/29/2008 3:10 PM
3 Replies and 598 Views Michigan Track Day  598  3 Started by  94delsolsi Here are a few pics from my first track day last weekend. It rained the entire first day and for the first session of day 2 but it did eventfully clear off for a few sessions of dry track time.  I still have ore to upload but here are a few. &91IMG&93 &91IMG&93 &91IMG&93
3 598
by  TLMotorsportJump to last post
07/29/2008 2:04 AM
2 Replies and 575 Views ID Theft  575  2 Started by  christoc How far would you go for ID Theft
2 575
by  Scooby DoJump to last post
07/25/2008 4:09 PM
6 Replies and 792 Views Junkyard Wars  792  6 Started by  jeyping Anyone watch Junkyard Wars  I just discovered the show on the Science channel and today's 'Jet Trikes' show featured a team of SCCA Solo2 drivers from the Great Lakes region (if I heard correctly) called 'Dirty Drivers'.  The two teams had 10 hours to build a jet-powered tricycle out of junkyard parts.  Excellent show - definitely DVR'ing the other episodes. 
6 792
by  christocJump to last post
07/12/2008 3:57 AM
1 Replies and 494 Views Confessions of a Honda Fanboi  494  1 Started by  JamesE After all these years driving Subarus, who knew I was a Honda Fanboi  I've been in search for a daily driver for the last few weeks.  I had my sights set on an old Subaru but they are such a rare find, especially in the sub $2,000 range that I had budgeted.  Accords and Civics were next on my list due to their reputation for reliability, and the number of vehicles sold ensures that my local pick-n-pull junkyard will have plenty of cars to steal parts from.  I ran across this...
1 494
by  Speed RaycerJump to last post
07/02/2008 10:07 AM
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