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24 Replies and 535 Views Happy New Year  535  24 Started by  jsarino
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My year ended up badly, but for what it's worth, I hope everyone has a good New Year.
24 535
by  DaveWJump to last post
01/02/2002 8:29 PM
4 Replies and 332 Views Now this looks like fun  332  4 Started by  MattG All we would need is a parking lot and hose "e;accidentaly"e; left on. &91url=''&93 BTW: has anyone seen the show Extream Garages on HGTV If you have the means I highly recomend it.
4 332
by  timwJump to last post
01/02/2002 1:54 PM
12 Replies and 317 Views Next race January 5-6  317  12 Started by  Q2team &91url=''&93 miles from VEGAS...Let's go!!!
12 317
by  ChelseaQJump to last post
01/02/2002 11:34 AM
6 Replies and 293 Views Go Blues!!!  293  6 Started by  PeteKnese Did anyone see the game last night!!! The Blues kicked ass in a 7-2 routing of the Predators :D :D :D Do we have any other hockey nuts here It would be cool get a bunch of people together for a game!If we get enough (15 people or so) we can get one of the nice boxes!! BTW - For those that have been to a game this season, did you watch the "e;Pump-up"e; video that they play just before the National AnthemI'm in it! :cool: Granted, I'm wearing a blue and yellow wig and the shot o...
6 293
by  csmithbluesJump to last post
12/31/2001 4:13 PM
3 Replies and 325 Views Urgent Need: Team for my GRM Challenge Car  325  3 Started by  racecardaddy Well, it's official. I cannot attend the '02 GRM Challenge in Florida, Feb. 22/23. The car still want to go though...WANTED: Dedicated, mature persons to take my '86 MR2 to the event in FL. I will supply the car, all of its go-fast extras, and even a trailer. Applicants should be dedicated to having fun and being competative, and ideally look like Hooters Girls. Prefered legit drag racing experience, with auto-x experience a bonus. This car did well last year in my hardly capable hands, and...
3 325
by  racecardaddyJump to last post
12/30/2001 9:21 PM
10 Replies and 354 Views Attn PC Gaming Geeks!  354  10 Started by  DaveW What is a the "e;Hot"e; video card right nowI'm building a new Ultimate Gaming PC for the house and got a little out of date on the hot video cards.ThanksDaveW
10 354
by  timwJump to last post
12/30/2001 9:12 PM
0 Replies and 328 Views Fed Ex/American Freighways????  328  0 Started by  DaveW From Jerry Crump:American Freightways - subs. of Fedex - home office in Arkansas - has a BEAUTIFUL expanse of unobstructed concrete in the StLouis area ... However - their local mgr. says the Company would not even consider the SCCA using it for ANY reason.My question is this ... first .. are there any "e;high octane"e; Amercian Freightways or Fedex SCCA members that might help change some minds ... or second .. does any SCCA in North America, use an American Freightways property for t...
0 328
12/29/2001 9:44 AM
12 Replies and 450 Views Race Car Dreams  450  12 Started by  Bryan S Off season forums always seem to get a little dreamy as we long for warmer weather to play in. So,What are the top five race/street cars that got you looking at cars and racing, or that you have always dreamed of owning/driving, that wil always turn your head/ get your attention1. 1970 Porsche 9172. 1970 Boss Mustang 3. Ford GT404. Cobra Daytona Coupe5. Any top F1 ever, Fangio's Maserati, '61 Ferrari, Lotus 72, Tyrell 004...
12 450
by  Q2teamJump to last post
12/27/2001 6:31 PM
17 Replies and 443 Views Reason 1,643,589  443  17 Started by  MattG NBC's Today show had a segment this morning on a 21 year old who was drag racing (road racing) in Florida. He happened to hit a car going 120mph. The occupants of the other car were killed instantly. IT WAS HIS MOTHER!The 21 year old survived.
17 443
by  brianschuetzJump to last post
12/26/2001 4:47 PM
1 Replies and 293 Views New Years party?  293  1 Started by  christoc so what's up with new years Should I have a party will anyone show upchris
1 293
by  christocJump to last post
12/26/2001 8:28 AM
39 Replies and 685 Views Santa  685  39 Started by  gidtup
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If you could have anything you asked for from Santa for Christmas what would it be &91IMG&93 &91IMG&93 &91IMG&93
39 685
by  timwJump to last post
12/25/2001 8:01 PM
32 Replies and 784 Views Prelude Type SH no longer legal in STS?  784  32 Started by  jsarino
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I came across this thread today in &91url=''& &91url=''&93 As some of the posts said, if they are to take the SH out of STS because of it's ATTS (try to say those acronyms 20 times :rolleyes: ), then what about cars with traction control systems, AWD, locking center diffs, limited-slip diffs,...
32 784
by  BDSCT51Jump to last post
12/24/2001 10:25 AM
6 Replies and 350 Views CHRISTMAS SUCKS!!!!!!  350  6 Started by  timw Dec 22, 1999 - caught speeding, car impounded, counter suppervision for 2 years.. (short version)Two weeks later, car totaled by getting rear end. Dec 22, 2001 - Sitting in a Jack in the Box parking lot, waiting for brother to go through drive through in other car, transmission locks up! Have to have the car towed home as the rear wheels won't move. Hopefully if i get it working in two weeks no one rear ends me.. if so, I'm going to be really pissed (worse then now)...
6 350
by  christocJump to last post
12/23/2001 11:20 PM
12 Replies and 412 Views Merry Christmas, I am out  412  12 Started by  christoc I am out of town till Christmas night, may be online between now and then but may not. So to everyone, Happy Holidays, have a good time, eat lots of good food and think about our troops who don't get to spend Christmas with their families, be glad that you get to.-Chris
12 412
by  christocJump to last post
12/23/2001 12:11 AM
1 Replies and 359 Views Steve Johnson Comments  359  1 Started by  Bryan S &91url=''&93 This guy is the best thing to happen to SCCA for a long time. He seems to really understand and appreciate the "e;club"e; aspect. I believe he will be at our banquet. A good reason to plan on attending.
1 359
by  318tiGuyJump to last post
12/21/2001 2:45 PM
27 Replies and 799 Views New ST Class, STX, come on in WRX's  799  27 Started by  christoc
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A new class is coming next year, here's the little info that's been released. 7) The following are the 2002 rules for STX, which will be included as a supplemental, prototype class at Solo II National Tour and ProSolo National Series events.STX1) All allowances in STS would carry over, including street tires, rim restrictions, emissions, etc.2) All restrictions regarding body type carry over.3) Engine size allowance: up to 5.1,normally aspirated and 2.0, forced induction (single turbo or superch...
27 799
by  Scooby DoJump to last post
12/21/2001 9:32 AM
56 Replies and 1017 Views Saturday fun, Dec 15th  1017  56 Started by  ChelseaQ
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For anyone interested, Brian Cohn is having a party Saturday night at his shop in Illinois. Plenty of AB Products and food will be provided. It'll be a blast!You can find more details under the thread about "e;Bud's party"e;, directions and that.ALSO, if anyone's interested in meeting Saturday afternoon to see "e;Behind Enemy Lines"e; before going out to Bry's place. I was thinking St. Charles 18 Cine. Any suggestions Anyone interested
56 1017
by  solarisJump to last post
12/18/2001 3:48 PM
18 Replies and 471 Views FYI, Acura RSX Type S discount  471  18 Started by  Scooby Do Eric Smith at Dave Mungenast Acura is giving SCCA members a discount on RSX Type S'. They have a few comming in and he wants to show his support, and Acura's, of the SCCA. There will be an add appearing in Auto Week advertising this deal.Just passing it along for him...I am in no way shape or form involved or benifitting from this. :p
18 471
by  Scooby DoJump to last post
12/18/2001 3:48 PM
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