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21 Replies and 10458 Views 2007 Civic Si Sedan  10458  21 Started by  98DohcRT
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Hell yes! &91Y&93&91img&93 197hp, 8,000 rpm redline, six-speed manual, helical LSD, and four doors &918-|&93&91img&93
21 10458
by  JoeJump to last post
01/04/2007 5:42 PM
1 Replies and 730 Views Awesome Video: Maserati MC12 at Hockenheim  730  1 Started by  98DohcRT I saw this over on Autoblog. It&39;s a pretty coold video."As is the case with many uber-exotics, using the term &39;road car&39; is subjective. With the Maserati MC12, that designation is stretched even further. So what&39;s the best venue to showcase the virtues of such a vehicle None other than the world-famous Hockenheim circuit in Germany.The Enzo-based, homologation special gives up the goods to those of you with a speed fetish, with plenty of drive time, including a lap of the M...
1 730
by  mugwumpJump to last post
10/17/2006 12:04 PM
0 Replies and 2223 Views Enzo and better at the mall today  2223  0 Started by  squid The west coast has Crystal Cove.The east coast now has Americana at Manhasset.  I dropped by.  Wow.Will post some pics later.When everybody has a Modena or 911, and there&39;s literally an Enzo on every block, you need something special to stand out.A Chevy Monte Carlo with NASCAR sticker package. Or ...a myspace blog of the dayFerrari P4/P5 conceptLamborghini special edition Murcielago LP640or old McLaren F1 dro...
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10/09/2006 12:05 AM
4 Replies and 1658 Views Gran Turismo on PS3 pay to play?  1658  4 Started by  xyon
4 1658
by  JamesEJump to last post
09/29/2006 1:20 PM
4 Replies and 1480 Views Top Gear's Richard Hammond critical after crash  1480  4 Started by  xyon,,-6093977,00.html 
4 1480
by  Woofie2Jump to last post
09/25/2006 2:54 PM
1 Replies and 729 Views 18 of world oil has been tapped  729  1 Started by  98DohcRT The world has tapped only 18 percent of the total global supply of crude, a leading Saudi oil executive said Wednesday, challenging the notion that supplies are petering out.Abdallah S. Jum&39;ah, president and CEO of the state-owned Saudi Arabian Oil Co., known better as Aramco, said the world has the potential of 4.5 trillion barrels in reserves _ enough to power the globe at current levels of consumption for another 140 years.Jum&39;ah challenged oil ministers and petroleum executives at an...
1 729
by  sburkettJump to last post
09/19/2006 11:28 PM
9 Replies and 5044 Views 2008 Subaru WRX spotted!  5044  9 Started by  98DohcRT Jeff Templeton, please note the LED tail lights. &918-|&93 &91img&93
9 5044
by  98DohcRTJump to last post
09/14/2006 1:52 PM
7 Replies and 596 Views Wow Fords designers really suck  596  7 Started by  Rande Hackmann Check out the new Navigator:!|F9id!|EAid!|ECid!I guess they were stealing designs from thier past (GT, Mustang) because they can&39;t design new vehicles that don&39;t look like crap i.e. 500
7 596
by  JoeJump to last post
09/13/2006 12:51 PM
10 Replies and 798 Views 'tis a sad day for motorsports - Nascar drivers vs. drifters @ Irwindale speedway?  798  10 Started by  98DohcRT NASCAR drivers take on pro drifters at IrwindalePosted Aug 30th 2006 5:58PM by John NeffNASCAR drivers don&39;t usually like to experience extreme oversteer in their racecars because it usually means they&39;re spinning out of control and about to hit the wall. Tomorrow, however, a brave group of NASCAR Nextel Cup drivers will fight their instincts in a drift battle against some of the top D1 drifters at Irwindale Speedway, the site of this country&39;s very first professional drift event in ...
10 798
by  rennenJump to last post
09/08/2006 6:27 PM
4 Replies and 17532 Views Michelin's New Tires - See-through and air-less! Bling!  17532  4 Started by  jeyping No more blow-outs, even if you run over a spike strip.           
4 17532
by  christocJump to last post
09/01/2006 11:11 AM
1 Replies and 495 Views International incident takes place at Turkish Gran Prix in Istanbul  495  1 Started by  98DohcRT International incident takes place on Turkish F1 podiumThe FIA is incensed after a game of political subterfuge played out on the podium last Sunday at the Turkish Grand Prix in Instanbul. Felipe Massa, the winner of the race, was presented his trophy by Mehmet Ali Talat, introduced by announcers as the President of the Northern Turkish Republic of Cyprus. Problem is, no such country exists except in the eyes of Turkey. The geographic area to which the the man&39;s title refers is a part of Cyp...
1 495
by  chrisitrJump to last post
08/30/2006 1:56 PM
7 Replies and 646 Views Who likes the new Camaro?  646  7 Started by  MattG "a thoroughly modern interpretation of the 1969 model,".....I still prefer the &39;69
7 646
by  drgnrcr101Jump to last post
08/11/2006 4:21 PM
2 Replies and 549 Views Toyota Rav4 enhancements  549  2 Started by  PonyTailGT ummmmmmm cookies I'v got the dough if you have the Toyota&91:D&93
2 549
by  98DohcRTJump to last post
08/04/2006 10:12 PM
5 Replies and 749 Views Jeff spots the New VW EOS !!!!  749  5 Started by  98DohcRT Saw a pre-production VW EOS today... &91H&93 &91IMG&93 &91IMG&93 &91IMG&93 &91IMG&93 &91IMG&93 &91IMG&93
5 749
by  chrisitrJump to last post
07/14/2006 9:00 PM
27 Replies and 1989 Views CARS - the movie!  1989  27 Started by  98DohcRT
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Cars’ humor rides on mechanical knowledge At the movies By Dan Neil Los Angeles Times Walt Disney Pictures Paul Newman (voice of Doc Hudson), left, and Owen Wilson (voice of Lightning McQueen) star in “Cars.” HOLLYWOOD – “Cars” is the “Da Vinci Code” for gear heads. Sure, you can enjoy Pixar’s shiny hotrod of a summer movie without a lot of expert car knowledge. Oh, but it helps. The movie, which lands in theaters Friday, is up to its wiper blades in esoteric r...
27 1989
by  LynnJump to last post
07/03/2006 1:21 PM
20 Replies and 1744 Views Honda Fit coming to the US for sure  1744  20 Started by  jeyping
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We're moving past the Scion now to some even more exciting cheap cars. $13,850, and 2432 pounds. Here's what Car and Driver has to say: 'The Fit sailed through our lane-change test 6 mph faster than anything else here - faster, in fact, than a Corvette Z06' I'd like to see this one spank a Mini Cooper in H-stock :) And some bonus innovations too, like rear seat cushions that fold UP to allow loading of tall objects, in addition to folding down flat like all other cars:
20 1744
by  Woofie2Jump to last post
06/09/2006 3:38 PM
16 Replies and 2383 Views 2007 WRX STi Limited  2383  16 Started by  JamesE Source SEMA eNews HIGH-PERFORMANCE, LOW-KEY LOOK FOR NEW SUBARU Subaru of America Inc. recently unveiled the 2007 Impreza WRX STI Limited model. The new edition of the road-conquering Impreza WRX STI packages greater comfort and refinement with subtler exterior styling, but does not sacrifice the performance of this street legend. The WRX STI Limited will be available in the fall in a limited run of 800 numbered units, 400 in Satin White Pearl and 400 in Urban Gray Metallic. The 2007 ...
16 2383
by  mugwumpJump to last post
05/24/2006 12:15 PM
9 Replies and 611 Views 2007 Toyota Yaris Liftback  611  9 Started by  carl_aka_carlos No more clowning around By John DiPietro Email | Blog Date posted: 12-15-2005 We'll be blunt; we haven't given much love to the Toyota Echo, a car that was non-affectionately dubbed 'The Clown Car' by this writer. Its tall roof and pudgy body made us think a dozen goofballs with frizzy orange hair and jumbo shoes would spill out when the doors opened. Mediocre cabin trim and shaky handling didn...
9 611
by  mgenghaJump to last post
05/11/2006 4:01 PM
0 Replies and 499 Views Mandatory Breathalizers in all new vehicles...  499  0 Started by  TLMotorsport
0 499
05/06/2006 11:14 AM
1 Replies and 387 Views 1st Solstice SSB racing this weekend  387  1 Started by  98DohcRT Rumor has it, there will be a GM backed SSB Solstice running a National this weekend at New Hampshire International Raceway. I can't wait to see the results! &91:)&93
1 387
by  mugwumpJump to last post
05/03/2006 8:41 PM
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