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5 Replies and 325 Views Maroon Mazda 323...or Protege in Nixa Missouri  325  5 Started by  AutoXChris I work at AutoZone as a Delivery Driver in Nixa.... about 15 miles South on Springfield. I was at a Goodyear Tire Place delivering parts and i saw a very familliar Mazda with STLSCCA and and Solotime on the windows, and it was rolling on some silver Kosei K-1's with a race seat in it.
5 325
by  AndyJump to last post
01/04/2006 10:15 PM
7 Replies and 294 Views Hammond's on the loose  294  7 Started by  rkoradi Saw Chris on Watson Rd, pulling out of the Crestwood Mall, and then going all the way to McDonalds &91o(&93 . Almost looked like he was trying to show off launching from a red light on the way. If I didn't have another car standing ahead of me, I would have taken you to school with my tow vehicle. &91;)&93
7 294
by  mingaaJump to last post
01/04/2006 8:49 PM
2 Replies and 303 Views Silver Eclipse near Des Peres & Kingsbury  303  2 Started by  Morwan Saw it while walking back to my apartment, silver late-90s Eclipse with Solo2 and SLU stickers. Clean car, suprised to see one so close to my apartment.
2 303
by  98DohcRTJump to last post
12/23/2005 5:19 PM
0 Replies and 357 Views I spy with my little eye....  357  0 Started by  carl_aka_carlos Chris!  At Steak n Shake! I was taking my date home when I spied you in the line at the Steak n Shake drive-thru!
0 357
12/22/2005 11:34 PM
3 Replies and 371 Views RobGT/Hotchkis Celica  371  3 Started by  SchreibG Saw Rob heading South on 255 in IL today - tried to catch his attention from Hwy 162 until he got off on 64, but don't think he saw me - couldn't get in front to get him to see the solo2 sticker on my hatch...
3 371
by  christocJump to last post
12/22/2005 6:50 PM
1 Replies and 234 Views Our humble leader....  234  1 Started by  carl_aka_carlos Spotted Chris at Clayton and Baxter. I wasn't in my car, but I'm pretty sure he saw me :p
1 234
by  squidJump to last post
12/14/2005 9:47 PM
1 Replies and 229 Views Saw a former Vibe owner  229  1 Started by  drgnrcr101 Or Phil saw me first coming off of 270 each way on to Droughty Ferry
1 229
by  VibeJump to last post
12/12/2005 5:53 PM
2 Replies and 356 Views Silver 2.5 RS w/ Red Mudflaps  356  2 Started by  Morwan I saw it pretty much every day at WU when I was a freshman two years ago. I saw it today parked on Heman Ave, near my girlfriend's apartment complex. Interior was stripped of pretty much everything, had a couple of Izzy's stickers on it... Hell, it had stickers everywhere.
2 356
by  mugwumpJump to last post
12/12/2005 10:06 AM
8 Replies and 300 Views Spotted: Kim Humphries  300  8 Started by  bumsarama I was driving my newly acquired Bentley Silver Spur today when I noticed that a red neon ahead of me had a distinctively loud rumble to its exhaust note. I was able to catch up to it and peek inside. Behind the wheel, was none other than Kim. I honked at him, the first two honks gathered no attention. On the third honk, he finally looked and then recognized me. I gave him a smile and salute. We parted ways and went on our own separate conquests. P.S. The location was northbound I-55 (close ...
8 300
by  mingaaJump to last post
12/05/2005 8:23 AM
1 Replies and 255 Views SVX  255  1 Started by  TLMotorsport turning onto earth city expressway south bound from rider trail south about 7:30 this morning
1 255
by  thundering02Jump to last post
12/02/2005 8:34 AM
6 Replies and 419 Views Red Jeep  419  6 Started by  thundering02 Right about 7:00pm on 94, 1 turn up from the St. Charels Cinema. Licence plate 924yey I think.
6 419
by  thundering02Jump to last post
11/21/2005 12:05 AM
1 Replies and 220 Views Blue STi at SLSC  220  1 Started by  Danno Not a sticker, but... At the Mars Rover presentation at the St. Louis Science Center last night, spotted a WRB STi with a pylon sticker in the parking lot. Afterwards, I met up with the driver, Rob, who ran in ESP at a couple of the UMB events in '04 and has been to at least one rallycross too. Not sure he's on this board, but I'll post it anyway.
1 220
by  RX 555Jump to last post
11/09/2005 1:44 AM
5 Replies and 213 Views RX555 seen in Chesterfield  213  5 Started by  Andy I saw Curt at Designs In Motion today when I stopped in to pick up a new car, 1992 Williams FW-14B no. 5 (Nigel Mansell), and he talked me into a 1969 Ford Boss 302 campaigned by Parnelli Jones. :)
5 213
by  RX 555Jump to last post
11/08/2005 11:52 PM
1 Replies and 183 Views Blue Dodge Ram-Tuxedo Park Racing  183  1 Started by  Rande Hackmann Wed. night crossing over 270 on 40 west 6:30 or so pm.
1 183
by  98DohcRTJump to last post
11/06/2005 9:34 AM
0 Replies and 189 Views Silver Contour SVT  189  0 Started by  TLMotorsport Headed eastbound on 70 yesterday about 4pm, tinted windows, with the sticker on the upper right part of the rear window
0 189
11/04/2005 6:20 PM
12 Replies and 226 Views An unknown to me StL region member  226  12 Started by  Stephanie In Murphysboro, IL around 10:45 this morning--no solo2 sticker but a big round StL SCCA sticker in the driver's side rear window. Silver Celica (current body style), blonde college aged woman driving. Seemed freaked out that I was staring at her and the sticker. :o
12 226
by  mingaaJump to last post
10/27/2005 2:26 PM
10 Replies and 189 Views White SVX  189  10 Started by  RX 555 spotted on 270 Sat. am
10 189
by  sonza68Jump to last post
10/21/2005 3:06 PM
9 Replies and 174 Views Spotted Jeff and James  174  9 Started by  ridgeklay I don't know if it was a rerun or not, but I turned the TV to speed and saw Jeff and James at the Monster Jam in STL. They were right in front of the judges and whenever the scores were being displayed they would stand up. If only they were driving one of the trucks.
9 174
by  ridgeklayJump to last post
09/27/2005 10:55 AM
3 Replies and 168 Views Spotted: Lynn  168  3 Started by  bumsarama I had the pleasure of once again spotting Lynn. I was walking in the South County mall's parking lot when I noticed a pair of bright distinct lights shining at me. I immediately noticed that they belonged to some sort of rich person vehicle. Within a split-second that vehicle was a Mercedes, not just any Mercedes, a blue C230 driven by yours truly. Unfortunately there was a vehicle behind him, I ran up to him, shook his hand and wished him good luck at Nationals. He then left me standing th...
3 168
by  LynnJump to last post
09/23/2005 2:22 AM
1 Replies and 257 Views 350Z 9/22/05  257  1 Started by  my96dcmimpalass Best Buy parking lot ~ 12:45pm Bridgeton. I was parked 2 spots away in the dirty Impy.
1 257
by  christocJump to last post
09/22/2005 4:20 PM
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