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2 Replies and 518 Views Wheel and tire dilema or is it dillema?  518  2 Started by  smokinAMD I&39;m going to be making the jump to FSP for next season, as STS isn&39;t really working out for me, plus there are a few mods waiting to go on my car that will throw me out of it.  Running STX is an option, but I&39;d get killed there looking at the times of some of the people running it. Figured I&39;d start by running a decent tire and wheel combo, right now I have some 17x7 Exel Enios with Toyo Proxes FZ4&39;s on them.  Which is a great all-season setup, but not super co...
2 518
by  smokinAMDJump to last post
09/27/2006 10:47 PM
11 Replies and 892 Views WRX Brake Questions  892  11 Started by  pzary3233 I am having some issues with my brakes. it seems like I have a good bit of fade towards the end of the longer courses. So far with my brake setup I have Hawk HP pads, Braided sainless lines, and ATE blue fluid. The only thing stock would be the rotors. They pretty much sucked in second half of the course and the shut down area after a couple runs. I also felt like the ABS was kicking in WAY too early... I didn&39;t feel like I was really braking all that hard when it did kick in. Could th...
11 892
by  DannoJump to last post
09/19/2006 7:40 AM
1 Replies and 558 Views Tire question  558  1 Started by  skrzastek I just got a set of Kumho Victoracers that are at least two years old (a family friend was clearing out his garage, you can&39;t beat free) to his knowledge. They where heat cycled and stored in heavy trash bags. Now that they have started to harden up, is there treatment to soften them up I figured either way I can mount them and use them up at VIR next month.
1 558
by  LynnJump to last post
09/02/2006 9:56 PM
7 Replies and 757 Views I can't make up my mind about tires.....  757  7 Started by  carl_aka_carlos I'm torn between two tires for the new ride. Kumho Ecsta SPT or Ecsta 711, both in 205/50/16. The SPT is $71/tire and is a new tire that I've been wanting to try out, while I've had two sets of 711s on the old Focus and I loved 'em both.  Plus the 711s are $45/tire. But I really want to try the SPTs. These are just going to be for daily driving, and my OE 15s have all-seasons mounted for when it snows, so I don't have to worry about that. What would ...
7 757
by  carl_aka_carlosJump to last post
07/30/2006 11:40 AM
6 Replies and 490 Views remove a seat  490  6 Started by  MattG   I need to take out the passenger seat in my car to clean the carpet (spilled milk).  Is it really just the 4 bolts that hold the seat in place and maybe a sensor lead
6 490
by  MattGJump to last post
07/21/2006 10:50 PM
4 Replies and 618 Views Turbo vs supercharged vs .....  618  4 Started by  XJDano ok so I duno how a supercharger or a turbo works, exactly. I know it forces air into the combustion chamber, and but beyond that I duno. Where would be a good place to learn about this stuff That's not super technical and explains it in english
4 618
by  LynnJump to last post
07/20/2006 4:53 PM
2 Replies and 524 Views Good alignment shops in stl?  524  2 Started by  SVTBlur I thought there was another thread about this, but the search feature does not return much.  I apologize if this is a repeat. The bottom line is that my passenger-side tires are wearing mostly on the inside with a cupping-type pattern.  I just got the wheels balanced but the vibration at highway speeds is still bad.  I suspect the vibration is tire-related...but I cannot rule out other possible causes.  Where is a good place to go for an alignment check that would work wit...
2 524
by  MikeBJump to last post
07/11/2006 8:14 PM
7 Replies and 715 Views Verdict on the Hoosier A6 tires???  715  7 Started by  Kirkster After 14 runs on S05s I need to flip them before I cord them. So it looks like these will be trashed before long. I am probably going to buy a set of A6s, but I can get the Kumo tires in 285/30/18 and they fit... I have heard that the new A6s were pretty good for a camber challenged car but have not heard anything about the performance since late May early June.. Any current A6 runners out there that have some insight to how they are stacking up against the Kumos K
7 715
by  JoeJump to last post
07/10/2006 8:03 AM
7 Replies and 651 Views New street tire help...  651  7 Started by  Prometheus6krpm I need some new street tires that I can have some fun with.  They won't be used for autox.  Tire Rack has 225/45/17 Kumho 711 for $59.  Has anyone used them Other options: Sumitomo HTR Z $63 (Ultra High Performance Summer) Kumho Ecsta AST $75 (High Performance All-Season)  (Driven on ASX but they were so-so in the fun dept.) Sumitomo HTR $79 (Ultra High Performance All-Season)   (Heard high marks, but worth $80 more)  
7 651
by  nitro12rcrJump to last post
07/07/2006 8:04 PM
1 Replies and 742 Views Are non-hubcentric wheel spacers safe?  742  1 Started by  Morwan I bought some Fiero wheels with RT215's for pretty cheap, but the offset is so low (35 vs 45 stock) that they grind on my caliper brackets. I've been looking at getting some spacers to fix this problem, but as usual, I'm on a budget. Can I safely use non-hubcentric wheel spacers if I torque the lug nuts properly
1 742
by  John PJump to last post
07/05/2006 6:03 PM
9 Replies and 773 Views Alignment and pulling problems with Mazda Protege 5  773  9 Started by  matt621 Hello,This is not exactly an autox post, but I came here thinking if anyone could really help, it would be this place.Here is the background. The car is a 2003 Mazda Protege 5. The tires and wheels have been updated to 17x7 with Goodyear F1 DS3 tire. Here is what happened. One day we had a flat, tire place repaired it fine, but dinged up the rim. However, I didn't notice it till later. After the flat and repair all was fineThen about 3 months later I hit a bad road elavation change. I was making...
9 773
by  matt621Jump to last post
07/03/2006 2:45 PM
1 Replies and 421 Views tire pressure gauge  421  1 Started by  jerel So here's my first post, so bare with me. I was looking around for a tire pressure gauge and asked my brother-in-law what he thought about them, he told me to post here and get some of your opinions.  I'm looking for something like what's in the link below.  I want a gauge that is accurate and is fairly sturdy (won't be broken in the first few years from normal type of use).  Has anyone here used this exact gauge  Anyone used one like it  Thanks for the help everyone!...
1 421
by  MattGJump to last post
06/23/2006 4:31 PM
6 Replies and 502 Views less weight vs more width.. which is the better choice?  502  6 Started by  rabaker Trying to decide between 235x40x18 and 245x40x18 RT-615s on OEM RX-8, 8 inch rims. 235s are 3 pounds lighter. So, it's 12lbs of unsprung weight vs 10mm of width.. which would you choose
6 502
by  carl_aka_carlosJump to last post
06/23/2006 12:27 PM
5 Replies and 584 Views figuring out operating temp and slip angle curve for GS D3 ...  584  5 Started by  root so I bought my first set of tires with autocross in mind.  While still sreet tires, the eagle F1 GS D3 should be much better than anything else I've owned, being my first non-all-seasons. now i feel i should get to know them as intimately as possible, and to that end: how would I go about obtaining the temperature and the slip angle info  All the tuning books mention each tire has its own proper operating range, and the suspension tuning (and driving technique) should have the goal o...
5 584
by  rootJump to last post
06/22/2006 9:22 AM
5 Replies and 555 Views Opinions on a used Saturn  555  5 Started by  redhatchguy   I found a 95 Saturn SC1 5 speed for sale with 144,000 miles on it with an asking price of $1,995. It looks like it is in good shape and appears to be taken care of. Is the price too high for the mileage Is that too high of mileage for a 95 Saturn
5 555
by  redhatchguyJump to last post
06/18/2006 8:00 PM
11 Replies and 2094 Views Tire question  2094  11 Started by  Woofie2 After Monday's AutoX, I am pretty sure my Tires will be shot, (Kumho 710's) I was wondering where/Who knew of the best place/Price to get a set of Falken Azenis 615's locally. (but I just read that the Azenis 225 15's won't be available until November, I need something in June!   My wheels are 15' x 7' currently the tires are Kumho V710's at 225/50/15  I need at least a 91 load rating, higher would be better. I am considering going with Kumho v700's for a little longer tire w...
11 2094
by  drgnrcr101Jump to last post
06/02/2006 12:26 PM
8 Replies and 676 Views KYB AGX adjustable struts  676  8 Started by  BDSCT51 Any one here have some experience with these on a front wheel drive platform autocrossing or track days Its looking like this is my choice for the Sentra at the moment. Good, bad, pieces of crap Konis are an option too but the strut will need to be modified to put the insert in. I'd prefer not to do that right now.
8 676
by  garyJump to last post
05/27/2006 12:10 PM
2 Replies and 573 Views Cracked windshield--will it pass tech inspection?  573  2 Started by  SVTBlur I was hoping to do the Memorial Day event on Monday, but I just got tagged by a stone on I-44 and my windshield cracked about 9' or so up by the rearview mirror.  I won't have time to get it fixed before then due to my schedule.  Are my Monday plans hosed
2 573
by  mgenghaJump to last post
05/26/2006 1:15 PM
8 Replies and 537 Views Impact Driver??  537  8 Started by  MattG Will an impact driver remove the phillips head screws holding the brake rotor to the hub Stupid thing wont budge and I don't want to strip the head to nothing.
8 537
by  98DohcRTJump to last post
05/21/2006 12:21 PM
8 Replies and 709 Views Bridgestone Tire Question  709  8 Started by  steena I've been looking at new tire's for about two months now and I just don't want to buy something without really knowing if it's worth it. So far the Falken Azeni's and Hankooks have been the recommendations. However what would the Potenza Re750 from Bridstone be in comparsion. I can get a set of four installed and balanced for about the same money as just ordering the other tires. Just looking for opinoins, Thanks!
8 709
by  steenaJump to last post
05/18/2006 7:57 AM
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