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15 Replies and 894 Views WRX and BOV?  894  15 Started by  Doogz My friend recently purchased an '02 WRX and i've got him convinced to come to event 1 this weekend and see how things go.  He is leaning toward treading down the STX path but there is one problem.  The car is bone stock except for an aftermarket blow off valve and after brushing up on the looks like that modification would not be permitted in STX. What class would he be moved to based on the BOV If he plans to change it as to stay in STX in the future...
15 894
by  MikeBJump to last post
04/07/2006 8:36 AM
13 Replies and 594 Views Modded '03 GTI  594  13 Started by  inspleak Hey guys, This if the first time I've been on the forums, nice place you got here :) Anyway, if someone has a chance I need a bit of help classing my car.  I can run it on the weekendsin a couple of different configs, depending on the class.  But I'm not running for points or even competitively so just for fun.  The car has been made for daily use on the street, without much regard for autox classes so I realize I won't be very competitive.  I would run classless if there we...
13 594
by  chrisitrJump to last post
04/06/2006 10:11 PM
8 Replies and 568 Views Classing Help  568  8 Started by  steena I have an 2005 WRX with NO mods and street tires. I assume that would put me in a stock class, but if I add a rear sway bar, what will that do if anything to my classing
8 568
by  steenaJump to last post
03/29/2006 11:19 AM
3 Replies and 514 Views What class would I run?  514  3 Started by  Jordan It's been 3 years since I raced an autocross so I decided I want to race again with a new car. 1997 Acura Integra GSR with an intake and exhaust system. Thanks.
3 514
by  JordanJump to last post
03/27/2006 2:12 PM
10 Replies and 665 Views Class my car please!  665  10 Started by  gotundersteer? 2004 Pitch Black 5spd 2.0L(Z) ZX3: Eibach Pro-Kit Springs, Eibach Pro-Kit Dampers, H&R 24mm Rear Swaybar, P-51 Shims, Focus-Sport Cool-Flo, Focus-Sport front & rear stress bar, MBRP Cat-Back, UK ST200 Mondeo Wheels w/ Kuhmo Ecsta 215/45/17's, etc.   I think its STS, is this correct Thanks. Here's some pics: &91IMG&93 &91IMG&93
10 665
by  mingaaJump to last post
03/17/2006 1:28 PM
8 Replies and 578 Views Classing Help  578  8 Started by  ExHempKnight I drive a 1997 Saturn SC2 My list of modifications: cold air intake cat-back exhaust poly motor mounts fluidyne radiator custom KONI one way adjustable coilovers 3-way adjustable rear sway bar front and rear strut tower bars rear disc brake conversion (using all OEM parts, no ABS) SPARCO Speed seat, Schroth 4-pt. harness Konig Heluim wheels (OEM size/offset) I have a master poly suspension bushing kit to put in still, and would like to use R-comp tires if the above modifica...
8 578
by  mugwumpJump to last post
03/15/2006 11:15 AM
6 Replies and 533 Views OK, now class this  533  6 Started by  MattG The GT may not make a showing, but this may..... 2003 Ferrari 575 Maranello  
6 533
by  chrisitrJump to last post
03/14/2006 4:58 PM
10 Replies and 578 Views Class this please  578  10 Started by  MattG   Stock Ford GT  
10 578
by  rkoradiJump to last post
03/09/2006 10:02 PM
9 Replies and 560 Views What class for my modded 2003 mustang cobra?  560  9 Started by  newcastle I have been autocrossing for a couple of years, first in A Stock and then in OSP. My first question is what tires are allowed in OSP  In the past I have ran Kumho V700s and I recently picked up a set of Avon Tech Rs. Second question is, what class would you recomend now that I have the following mods (and will this class allow r compound tires) Subframe connectors Lowering springs Camber/castor plates Shifter Upper and lower pulleys (upped the boost ~ 50) ...
9 560
by  krekJump to last post
02/15/2006 7:27 AM
4 Replies and 432 Views Class for Modified NA Impreza  432  4 Started by  Korsch_RS I drive a 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS (N/A 2.5L flat 4, 5 speed, stock VLSD center and rear), and this will be my first full Auto-x season, but I have been attacking back roads, paved or otherwise, for about  year now. I am comfortable with my driving abilities, but I still have lots to learn. I will also be attending a Skip Barber type racing school in the early summer, so my driving prowess will hopefully improve significantly before the season goes into full swing. I have been to a ...
4 432
by  chrisitrJump to last post
02/14/2006 4:13 PM
4 Replies and 450 Views 1980 fiat 124 spyder  450  4 Started by  joehyundai For the stock category, the classifications are a little confusing. This is a completely stock car.
4 450
by  joehyundaiJump to last post
02/06/2006 9:16 AM
11 Replies and 711 Views Classing The Neon . . .  711  11 Started by  Nimble Neon Well I’ve been doing some of my own research into the further development of my racer-mobile J and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to actually try to figure out where I fit in so that I can continue to build into a fair sitting in my class.  After reading the 2005 and 2006 SCCA Rulebooks, I’ve come to the conclusion that my car fits into the E Prepared Category.  I’m posting here because I’m still relatively new and haven’t yet gotten that warm and fuzzy about fitting ...
11 711
by  PaseoStanJump to last post
02/02/2006 6:39 PM
6 Replies and 515 Views Subaru Classing question from OMR  515  6 Started by  Trollslayer quote joehyundai on the OMRSCCA forums - My friend ran a Legacy last year, but traded it for a 2006 'Impreza I' with the 2.5l four. Now he's bragging that will dominate H stock with his 175HP and All wheel drive. I'm thinking its an G stock (Impreza RS 2.5) Any Input Our online classifications is showing it being in H Stock but Joe says the 'I' replaced the 'RS'. Joe is a salesman for Reliable Imports (Subaru, Hyundai, Mazda, etc... dealer) in Springfield so he would know the model ...
6 515
by  mugwumpJump to last post
01/31/2006 3:51 PM
29 Replies and 1188 Views VW R32  1188  29 Started by  Whiteghost2.5
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Is the R32 suppose to be in DSP
29 1188
by  Scooby DoJump to last post
01/17/2006 7:50 AM
1 Replies and 439 Views Engine Management in DSP  439  1 Started by  Whiteghost2.5 Hello I have looked and could not find what if any Engine management I can use in DSP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks   Josh
1 439
by  mugwumpJump to last post
12/20/2005 5:55 PM
8 Replies and 547 Views 2000 Celica GTS What class is best?  547  8 Started by  psycobob I have s 2000 GTS Celica, which I ran in TDS class last season. I am thinking about changing into a new class this season, but am worried that I will be less compedative in a non-stock class. My question is, what class will I be most compedative in I am thinking about STS, as I have seen a lot of Celica GT's running in this class. Any thoughts or advice yall could offer would be much appreciated.     -Tom
8 547
by  thundering02Jump to last post
12/20/2005 12:55 AM
7 Replies and 634 Views 94 civic si  634  7 Started by  root the Si is not mentioned in the book, does that mean it belongs with the other civics in HS I found a 94 si hb near me for $3,400...  125hp vtec, 2100lbs, this car should own HS, no
7 634
by  carl_aka_carlosJump to last post
11/30/2005 6:07 PM
37 Replies and 1232 Views classing with harness bar mount?  1232  37 Started by  irish44j
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I'm thinking about installing some kind of bar to hook up a harness to (using my stock seats, since I don't want to remove them) and also to use as a camera mount too. Here is a rough sketch of what I'm talking about...would mount to the floor behind the front seats. By the way, this is in a Nissan Maxima, so it's a 4-door non-convertible. This would NOT be a "e;roll bar"e; or "e;roll cage"e;Would this affect classing (i.e. would it qualify as as frame bracing or anything), or wo...
37 1232
by  thundering02Jump to last post
11/25/2005 2:58 PM
3 Replies and 506 Views Grainger gets his wish  506  3 Started by  mugwump The Calais W41 is now in DS &91sn&93 06 Si is in GS as well.  could be interesting, but my money is still on mighty mini coopa!
3 506
by  nitro12rcrJump to last post
11/24/2005 10:49 AM
13 Replies and 649 Views 1990 Celica GT with 16" wheels.  649  13 Started by  Morwan I purchased a set of used 16"e; wheels and tires because my current tires were all worn down. However, the stock wheels are 14"e;, and the largest they got on the 5th generation was 15"e;. Would that put me in the street prepared class What kind of modifications are allowed in that class (or whatever class I'm in)I'm also considering replacing my rear drum brakes with OEM disc brakes from a later model year (but the same generation). Would that disqualify me from stock competition...
13 649
by  DannoJump to last post
11/22/2005 7:13 AM
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