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1 Replies and 241 Views Class Question  241  1 Started by  GreggP I have a Ford Focus ZTS with a CAI, cat back exhaust, lowered suspension, sport struts, everything else is stock. H - Street Prepared
1 241
by  sburkettJump to last post
08/22/2001 10:40 PM
11 Replies and 437 Views The Acura RSX  437  11 Started by  jsarino With the RSX (base and Type S) being released a couple of weeks ago, I was curious what class would it be put under In D stock with the Integra Type R
11 437
by  MikeBJump to last post
08/07/2001 12:07 PM
19 Replies and 326 Views What's the widest wheel & or tire for STS?  326  19 Started by  RacerinLSL I'm thinking about buying some 17x7.5 or 17x7 and was curious what the rule was regarding wheel width or tire cross-section in STS.THanksCHad :cool:
19 326
by  DannoJump to last post
08/02/2001 8:03 PM
6 Replies and 299 Views mustang cobra confusion  299  6 Started by  Matt S It seems there has been some confusion on a stock mustang cobra classification. Here is a reply I got from Howard Duncan that should clear up this issue.Original question:What is the solo 2 classification for a stock 1997 ford mustang cobra I've got a copy of the 2000 rules book but I'm still unclear of what class I should be in. Reply:Your Mustang is captured under the F-Stock listing, Ford Mustang all, or under the ESP listing, Mustang 94 all, depending on the level of preparation of your ca...
6 299
by  MistyAndEricJump to last post
07/30/2001 10:14 PM
13 Replies and 295 Views new to autocross, what class  295  13 Started by  wickedrx7 I have a 93 Mazda RX-7 with a cat back exhaust, and a aluminum air seperator tank. The rest of the car is stock.
13 295
by  christocJump to last post
07/13/2001 4:19 PM
4 Replies and 309 Views What class...  309  4 Started by  brianschuetz What class would a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier be in I tried to look it up on the SCCA website, and saw a bunch of cars, but not the Cavalier.It's a completely stock base model sedan. It's gonna be my niece's car when she gets her license (next year), and I plan to get her to autocross it. I just don't know what class it should be. My guess would be H Stock. I'm having some work done on it, and I'd like to test it out once to make sure it won't have any trouble (it tends to get a little hot).T...
4 309
by  brianschuetzJump to last post
07/06/2001 11:25 AM
42 Replies and 816 Views Don't like the classes? Change them!  816  42 Started by  sburkett
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While it's certainly nothing to be taken lightly - some of you may not be aware that we as a region can offer whatever whacky classes we want.I for one would be in favor of a Street Tire Unlimited class, or something to that effect for the folks who have "e;weird"e; mods.Obviously we don't want to proliferate unnecessarily, but if half a dozen or more people were to come to the board and say "e;we want our own class"e;, I think we'd give it a fair consideration.Just stirring up t...
42 816
by  PeteKneseJump to last post
07/06/2001 7:37 AM
16 Replies and 315 Views what class will this car be in  315  16 Started by  Wrath of VTEC ok,,i have my integra GSR and a 94 civic DX hatchi may start running my civicit is a 94 civic DX hatchbackwith header,,,Greddy Power Extreme cat back exhaust,,ground control coilevers and KYB AGX shocks,,thats allo,,and running on street tiresalso does it matter if the rims are 2 inches bigger then the stock 13 inchalso i plan on swapping a GSR motor and trans in it in about 5 months,,what class will that put it inthanksmike
16 315
by  Wrath of VTECJump to last post
06/25/2001 11:15 PM
3 Replies and 293 Views Sign this petition: engine and tranny mounts in STS!  293  3 Started by  omahasubaru Subject says it all. Lets get together and say yeah or neigh to upgraded Tranny and engine mounts.Stipulations:Can be made of any other material except metal componets, must mount in the stock location and change the geometery in anyway.If mounts are hollow or have empty spots (Neon's) you can fill them in also.Lets hear what you guys think.
3 293
by  gary pJump to last post
06/11/2001 1:45 PM
8 Replies and 303 Views Y does my carbon fiber hood put me in SM?  303  8 Started by  Wrath of VTEC i have been running on SM for the last 2 eventsand last year i ran in STS,,and DSP,,a couple different timesi wanna know if i can still run in STS or DSP with my carbon fiber hoodthe 1st event this year a guy had a handbook and asked my mods and i said i had the CF hood,,and he said i would have to be in SM cuz its making the car lighteri just wanna know if i can change my class and just explain what u are allowed in the 3 classes i saidor if i can run in another classjsut to give u an example...
8 303
by  Bryan SJump to last post
05/22/2001 11:20 PM
35 Replies and 566 Views Improperly Classified Cars  566  35 Started by  gary p
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There was some earlier discussion on improperly classified cars in the suggestion forum. I'd like to pick the thread up here.I noticed &91i&93several&91/i&93 improperly classified cars at the first two events. Most were rookies; they probably had no intention of cheating, but were misinformed either by another rookie or an overwhelmed registration official. I politely pointed out to an official a couple of obvious mistakes. He said it was up to the direct competitors to say something. F...
35 566
by  DaveWJump to last post
05/21/2001 9:28 AM
10 Replies and 307 Views Legality of turbo mods  307  10 Started by  Falke Steven,I remember you saying that you would be willing to talk turbo mods before, does that still stand Is there anything you can do with out getting bumped to EMod Jason
10 307
by  sburkettJump to last post
05/10/2001 2:00 PM
4 Replies and 287 Views 2000 Ford Focus w/springs and pulley  287  4 Started by  cmezip I have a 2000 Ford Focus and I ran in DSP with it on the 18th, I have a underdrive crank pulley and H&R Springs, it looks like I would be better off in DSP if you go by the cars in DSP vs. STS but If I went STS I think I would score bettter overall I think I am eligable for either but I am not sure. I have stock wheels, tires and air filter.Any opinions would be appreciated, ThanksSteve O'ConnorSouth Countyhopefully soon to be competing w/a Bullitt Mustang :confused:
4 287
by  christocJump to last post
05/09/2001 11:29 AM
9 Replies and 341 Views 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX  341  9 Started by  uniballer Is it GS for sure, or ES Seems to me that even though I raced GStock at my first event, I should be in EStock.From the &91url=''&93SCCA SOLO2 Car Classification page (STOCK Category)&91/URL&93....&91b&93EStock&91/b&93Impreza, 2.2L Legacy 2.5 GT Sedan Turbo, NOC &91b&93GStock&91/b&93Impreza 2.5 XT Turbo & 6 cyl. SVX (all)Now, from the &91url='"e;'&93TAB-Delimited...
9 341
by  uniballerJump to last post
05/04/2001 7:19 PM
19 Replies and 280 Views Tires in Stock Class  280  19 Started by  Anonymous In stock classes, what kind of tires are allowed I noticed at yesterdays event that there were several cars in stock classes using slicks or some thing real similar. Also is there a limit to your tire size if you are still using stock wheelsThanks in Advance. :D Travis DavisBlack Neon R/T
19 280
by  gary pJump to last post
04/26/2001 7:08 PM
9 Replies and 313 Views Car listed in two classes in Street Prepared  313  9 Started by  Falke I noticed that the Mitsubishi 3000GT Turbo was listed under both ASP and BSP. Anybody know why or what the difference would be
9 313
by  christocJump to last post
04/25/2001 10:17 AM
7 Replies and 363 Views what class  363  7 Started by  2hamels I have an 84 ltd lx. It is stock except for mustang wheels, what class does will I run in :p
7 363
by  DaveWJump to last post
04/07/2001 9:04 AM
0 Replies and 1207 Views Here ya go  1207  0 Started by  christoc This forum is for posting classing questions. Bryan is a moderator.
0 1207
04/04/2001 1:58 PM
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