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2 Replies and 567 Views Proper Class for Solo?  567  2 Started by  swike I have a 2004 Mazda Miata with Koni adjustable shocks, Racing Beat springs, Monsterflow intake, highflow muffler, Falken Azenis RT-615 205/40R16 tires on stock wheels. How can I find out what class I should be in Thanks.
2 567
by  drgnrcr101Jump to last post
11/14/2006 9:26 AM
5 Replies and 710 Views Question about my Saturn SL1  710  5 Started by  hopster I curently have 175/70 14 on my car and was wondering if I put the 15" wheels off of a SL2 would that move me out of stock class Considering that the SL1 and SL2 are both considered H stock now as of Feb. 06.
5 710
by  smokinAMDJump to last post
09/27/2006 12:26 AM
4 Replies and 564 Views Intercooler plumbing  564  4 Started by  Woofie2 If I replace the pipes to my intercooler, will I still be in Street PrepairedBasically I am going to replace the stock plastic pipes between my turbo and the intercooler and the intercooler and the intake.  they are pipes made to fit in the stock locations, and use similar silicon hoses to connect to the stock intercooler and turbo;  But be a slightly larger size and have less restrective bends and corners.I am having trouble finding any clarifications in the rule book, I suspect they...
4 564
by  Woofie2Jump to last post
09/26/2006 12:12 PM
7 Replies and 760 Views E36 328is -- which stock class?  760  7 Started by  root can't find this car on the list does anyone know what class it's in also same question about 323 and 325...
7 760
by  PeteKneseJump to last post
09/09/2006 1:31 PM
37 Replies and 1808 Views 2.5l WRX to big for STX. Where do I go?  1808  37 Started by  Scooby Do
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STX still limited to 2.0 and smaller for turbo cars, no info found for STU (does it still exist) so where does a lightly moded 06 WRX go Not staying stock, not going to SM..somewhere in between would be nice....or would you STX guys let me play in your class
37 1808
by  Scooby DoJump to last post
09/08/2006 8:05 AM
4 Replies and 489 Views Tiburon I4 Class?  489  4 Started by  aarondr I want to make sure I get this right, so I don&39;t sound like a dope when I sign up for a solo2.What class would my 2004 Hyundai Tiburon base be in.  N/A I4 2.0L VVT FWD bone stock. I get the street prepared stuff, because I might be adding rims next spring, and a SRI sooner than later etc.  I read the book about what mods fit where, but that book is BIG.  Anywho, what class is this car in
4 489
by  aarondrJump to last post
08/25/2006 3:44 PM
1 Replies and 398 Views 2000 Maxima in EP?  398  1 Started by  irish44j Hey guys...theoretical question: From my reading of the rulebook, the 2000 Maxima is not specifically listed in a prepared class, except 'Nissan sedans NOC' in EP. Am I correct, or would it be running in another Prepared class I know the Philly SCCA also runs an 'X' prepared - would that be more appropriate Keep in mind this is car is not builit to any true Prepared standards right now.
1 398
by  DaveWJump to last post
08/07/2006 9:59 AM
1 Replies and 428 Views 1995 integra SE -- GS, figured it out, nm  428  1 Started by  root erm-- nm, it's right there -- GS.  Dam, my GF's base engined auto is in the same class as GSR -- not gonna be any fun
1 428
by  mingaaJump to last post
07/13/2006 9:29 PM
0 Replies and 575 Views STS-legal bodywork?  575  0 Started by  Morwan I came home to a nice pair of dents on my driver's side rub strip today. Neither of them look like they'd get pulled out, and one of my neighbors (a former bodyshop guy) estimates it'd be around $300 to fix. Since I'm currently prepping the car to be painted, I'm thinking of shaving both the rub strips and filling them in (along with the dents)  with bondo. I'm pretty sure this kind of bodywork isn't legal in HS, but would it be legal in STS
0 575
07/07/2006 11:15 PM
1 Replies and 434 Views 07 Focus = H stock  434  1 Started by  SoloIIFocus I just got an 07 Focus sedan. it is just a standard Focus SE not the ST. I am thinking it would be in H-stock like all the other focus' have been. Tim I just need to find my other decal or see about getting another for my new toy.
1 434
by  carl_aka_carlosJump to last post
06/23/2006 10:25 AM
7 Replies and 542 Views First time autox - Subaru Legacy turbo...  542  7 Started by  ultrasonic OK... pending family obligations, I'm planning on attending the solo event at GIR on Sunday 18. The obvious classing question arises. Here is the list of what I believe to be the pertinent mods: 91 Subaru Legacy Sport Sedan -OEM turbocharged EJ2.2, no modifications -STi v. 7 struts & springs -upgraded front and rear sway bars -STi Gp. N Engine and transmission mounts -16x7 wheels w/ street rubber (stock wheels were 15x6) -rear camber bolts I'm sure something in the above list will pu...
7 542
by  ultrasonicJump to last post
06/20/2006 11:34 AM
9 Replies and 510 Views Modded Impreza RS for autocross  510  9 Started by  Wolve 80 Ok, last time I ran, the car fit right in STS, then SM, but it's changed a bit so I don't know where it fits now. anyway, here's the list of things that are not stock. rear swaybar struts and springs (struts are adjustable, springs are fixed height) Engine and transmission mounts Flywheel Clutch exhaust from the catalytic converter back fuel pump and pressure regulator
9 510
by  mugwumpJump to last post
06/17/2006 11:17 AM
15 Replies and 725 Views RallyX Classing Q???  725  15 Started by  AutoXChris ok, i know the rules on the hood by reading the 2006 Rules..... What about steering wheel. I have an aftermarket steering wheel without an airbag... would that bump me into Modified Or will i still be able to play in Prepared
15 725
by  AutoXChrisJump to last post
06/10/2006 9:20 AM
13 Replies and 1278 Views Class for Honda Prelude and del Sol  1278  13 Started by  Honda5 My wife and I are new to Autocross, and I was trying to figure out what class our cars would be in.  By reading the rule book, it sounds like we would be street prepared.  But, by reading some of the posts here, it sounds like there may be another class we should race in. My wife has a 95 Honda Prelude S.  She has a short ram intake and Nuespeed springs, and an aftermarket strut bar.  She also has aftermarket wheels and tires.  She has other mods planned, but right now,...
13 1278
by  MattGJump to last post
06/07/2006 3:30 PM
5 Replies and 478 Views RallyX class....LOL  478  5 Started by  MattG 1985 Buick Riviera,  5.0L V8, 16V OHV, 4brl I may have one soon. BTW: does anyone know how to hot wire a car
5 478
by  yellow&rustingJump to last post
06/06/2006 8:00 AM
1 Replies and 497 Views Anybody know what class this would be...  497  1 Started by  DuckyPie713 They're due out this summer and it could be pretty cool... Don't know if it would still be stock though... grrr
1 497
by  mingaaJump to last post
05/26/2006 9:34 AM
5 Replies and 594 Views Question about FSP rules  594  5 Started by  Woofie2 I have my Jetta TDI, and was wondering how far I can go with my mods.  list of current mods- Currently my car has a Carbon fiber hood but that will be removed for the use of a Stock Metal hood when racing. I am going to Chip and use larger injector nozzles, (some day a larger fuel distributor from an Automatic) from what I have gathered all legal mods by FSP rules. my questions are: Can I disconnect the Brake light switch from the brake peta...
5 594
by  JoeJump to last post
05/25/2006 4:51 PM
2 Replies and 614 Views '91 Civic Hatch with engine swap  614  2 Started by  Kurt Finally I got a car that will be worth autocrossing. &91:)&93 The previous owner said the owner before him autocrossed it in WI, but that was before the engine swap. Has... JDM B16A with cold air intake, GReddy Header, Test pipe, Tenzo catback. Koni Yellows, Skunk2 coilovers, Suspension Techniques F&R sway bars, and camber kit. Thanks
2 614
by  matthuntmanJump to last post
05/15/2006 9:25 PM
6 Replies and 637 Views Classing my MK1 MR2  637  6 Started by  blown59 I have a 1986 Toyota MR2 that originally had the 4AG engine and 5spd (c-50).  I have swapped in the Toyota 2ZZ-GE (00 Toyota Celica GTS, Toyota Matrix and Lotus Elise) engine and 6spd (c-60).  Half shafts used from the MK2 n/a MR2 without ABS.  Im running full interior. I have an OEM swap including stock engine, harness, evap, wiring, ECU and fuel system has gone from return type to returnless. I did the swap to conform with the original configurati...
6 637
by  Honda5Jump to last post
04/20/2006 3:51 PM
5 Replies and 601 Views help me Class my project to be  601  5 Started by  XJDano well here is what I would like to build: 1996 Jeep cherokee 2dr 4cyl 2.5 motor glasspack muffler stock ax5 maunal trans 2wd rear axle stock Chrysler 8¼ rear end with 4.10 gears 2' spacer lift on coils and extended shackle thats how I would be buying it. I was thinking of starting out going back to stock suspension with out the spacers and stock or close to tires 225/75/r15 or 30x9.5 since I know the stock trans is basicly crap and wouldn't hold up for long I was th...
5 601
by  Prometheus6krpmJump to last post
04/11/2006 8:01 PM
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