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0 Replies and 1380 Views Electric Fan...  1380  0 Started by  DZickel If i were to install an electric fan on my car wound it bump my car from STX to DSP or noI didnt really check just though id ask and get the right answer first. I though i had read somewhere that it would bump me up just checking up on it before i do it. Thanks in advance  
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05/24/2007 9:51 PM
1 Replies and 776 Views Looking for classing Help!  776  1 Started by  jdmtunedmx3 Hey, My names Jay, I drive a 1992 Mazda MX-3 GS (1.8L DOHC V6) . I am new to autocross. I am trying to figure out what class I am in . I heard you must know before your event and have a number on your car is that true or do they class it at registration Anyways it was a 4 seater that I converted to two seater, it has 2 1/2 in exhaust with no cat, short shifter, lowering springs and aftermarket struts. It also has a 2 point front strut bar. I talked to the SCCA and they said my car doesnt f...
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by  mugwumpJump to last post
05/07/2007 12:01 PM
3 Replies and 1005 Views Wheel sizes?  1005  3 Started by  The Nebulizer I have a 325Ci unmodded except for H&R sport springs (STS) that I would like some new wheels for. I would like to run 330 sport wheels and stay in STS, but I have some questions about this. 1. Are stock wheels always allowed in ST classes even if they are wider than the upgrade restrictionFor example, 330i(sport) has wheels 17x7.5"(225 Tire) front and 17x8.5 (245 Tire) rear and is elligible for DS and STS - but would the stock wheels actually need to be reduced to 17x7.5 (225 Tir...
3 1005
by  mugwumpJump to last post
04/25/2007 11:46 AM
6 Replies and 1156 Views Just checking  1156  6 Started by  DZickel Hey everyone just checking to see what class i wold be running in.  I am guessing from the looks of mods i will be running in DSP anyone want to confirm this Unless SCCA is messing with the m42 powered BMWs again that is what i think i shoud be running.Anyway here are my mods nywayCar:1991 BMW 318iSSuspension:Coilovers, Adj. Camber Plates(What i am wondering about), Urethane bushings (ie. Trailing arms, Subframe) , M3 Offset cab&39;s. Othermods: Magnaflow Hi-Flo Cat, Dynomax Superturbo ex...
6 1156
by  DZickelJump to last post
04/18/2007 5:21 PM
2 Replies and 835 Views 1300cc F-500 B-Mod?  835  2 Started by  Bpimm Would a 1300CC F-500 fit in B-mod Brian 
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by  BpimmJump to last post
04/12/2007 7:09 PM
4 Replies and 847 Views 1993 240sx  847  4 Started by  Xx 93 KA SH xX Hey guys I need help on picking a class.  I drive a 93&39; nissan 240sx. Mods include intake, exhaust, coilovers, stripped interior. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
4 847
by  TLMotorsportJump to last post
04/12/2007 12:54 PM
4 Replies and 870 Views 1998 chevy Metro hatchback 3cyl 1L  870  4 Started by  XJDano bone stock. tires and wheels stock streat cheapies.except for trash on the floor boards, I might take that out.I&39;m thinking the VW Might not be ready... 
4 870
by  XJDanoJump to last post
04/08/2007 7:29 PM
2 Replies and 794 Views 2007 Mazdaspeed3  794  2 Started by  jmikal5 I hope to make it to a few events this year in my new Mazdaspeed3.  I googled the car & SCCA together and couldn&39;t find anything.  The car is bone stock (not that there are any/many custom products out yet anyway).  I&39;m not going to buy R tires for the car.  I think I read their is a new "indexed" class intended for street-tired carsBy the way, it&39;s a hoot to drive.  The torque management system works pretty good in 1st and 2nd gears.  3rd...
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by  christocJump to last post
04/02/2007 2:35 AM
1 Replies and 663 Views 02 Spec V?  663  1 Started by  NismoR I have an 02 nissan sentra spec v, intake, exhaust, upgraded brakes, short shift, chipped
1 663
by  xyonJump to last post
03/23/2007 4:44 PM
6 Replies and 1024 Views New Engine for Mustang?  1024  6 Started by  krek I know... but it is still cool. 
6 1024
by  dan hamelJump to last post
02/22/2007 4:23 PM
4 Replies and 853 Views 06 Wrx STU?  853  4 Started by  speedphreek I have an 06 WRX and I was wondering if I have to run stu or can i still run in stx  I know the rule book says only 2.0 turbo&39;s but its about the same power as the old wrx&39;s.. Any input would help.. thanks in advance
4 853
by  speedphreekJump to last post
02/17/2007 3:56 AM
5 Replies and 784 Views AE86 Corolla classing  784  5 Started by  bluekouki86 Hello everyone! I&39;m Eric, just starting to autocross this year. I&39;ve been drifting for 4 years now, and would like to get back into grip racing. I&39;ve got a 1986 Toyota Corolla AE86 sr-5, but has been converted to GTS. I run a 16 valve 4age which was removed from another ae86 I owned. I guess I&39;ll juat make a list of mods, its a pretty long list... 16 valve 4age enigne mods......TRD stage 2 valve springs, TRD .8mm metal headgasket, TRD 4-1 header, Injen Intake, converted...
5 784
by  bluekouki86Jump to last post
02/11/2007 12:23 PM
2 Replies and 632 Views mk1 mr2 N/A  632  2 Started by  Mr. Tu what class would this car be in, if it were... stock:had wider, lighter 15" wheels and NT01 tires (for better traction and less unsprung weight) some bolt on power and chassis upgrades, and decreased weight, through interior stripping, carbon fiber body panels, etc:let me know, thanks 
2 632
by  LynnJump to last post
02/05/2007 1:00 AM
5 Replies and 801 Views 2006 VW Rabbit Classing Question?  801  5 Started by  morrisett Since you can buy a new VW Rabbit with either 15, 16, 17 or 18" wheels, what class would it be in with 17 X 8s and 225-45-17s on it
5 801
by  LynnJump to last post
02/04/2007 9:44 AM
2 Replies and 611 Views classing question??  611  2 Started by  timfiredog 2005 Scion xB
2 611
by  LynnJump to last post
01/24/2007 4:29 PM
3 Replies and 687 Views 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX class  687  3 Started by  ShagginWagon I just recently got a Subaru Impreza WRX. The car I had before was in GS, but I know the WRX doesn't go there. There are no mods, and there will be none to my WRX. I'm uncertain what class it belongs in. DS I assume the 2007 WRX would be the same class as the 2006, but I don't know what class that is since I've been out of autocross for a couple years. I tried searching around a bit on the Solo sites, but didn't find any info. Brian
3 687
by  ShagginWagonJump to last post
01/08/2007 5:35 PM
7 Replies and 832 Views Modified Classes  832  7 Started by  Monte Busa Greetings. I'm new to the site.  I'm currently finishing up a project car, a custom tubeframed mid engined Hayabusa motorcycle-powered silhouette racer (looks lke a 60s classic Mini).  Car will be road regeistered as well, don't think that matters, but in any case, what class would such a car be in for SCCA Solo2 Thanks in advance for your replies. Monte.
7 832
by  Larry KronemeyerJump to last post
01/02/2007 9:01 PM
2 Replies and 513 Views So what class am I ???  513  2 Started by  Greg 1985 Porsche 928 - no mods to the body or drivetrain. Aftermarket adds - Front swaybar, wheels 8x17& 10x17 same offset (OEM was 7x16 all around), leather sport seats Thanks in advance      
2 513
by  GregJump to last post
11/25/2006 10:23 AM
0 Replies and 781 Views gutted VW GTI for other event......  781  0 Started by  racergti I'm part of a VW club that participates in an annual 'Dub-Club invitational each year in which VW clubs from around the country race a drag car, an autocross car and present a show car to accumulate points and win a traveling trophy. For '06 the STLVW club won the event with a brutal dragcar (11.5 126) and an autocross car (Chris Albins GP roadracer ) driven by solo2 regular Todd Rehklau and a beautiful blown VR6 swap in a '90 gti. We barely won except for the driving prowess of Todd...
0 781
11/24/2006 7:18 PM
3 Replies and 625 Views head question for C Prepared  625  3 Started by  newcastle Appendix A reads 'Alternate iron or aluminum cylinder heads may be used on U.S. produced 6-cyl and 8-cyl engines.  Any alternate cylinder heads(s) used shall be of a conventional design (siamesed intake ports, two valves per cylinder, all valves inline) direct replacement type.'  So what aftermarket heads are legal on a CP mustang Do any AFR or TFS heads meet these requirements thanks.
3 625
by  DaveWJump to last post
11/23/2006 9:14 PM
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